Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free Patterns


Unknown said...

Hello, first I wanna say that I like your patterns, they r original & very cute. I am new to crochet and although I have mastered the ch. sc, hdc & dc, I still have trouble
With reading patterns. I'm currently working on the baby ballerina slippers and I'm confused a bit, I was wondering if you can help? The first question I have is on:

-2 HDC in first 2 HDC, HDC every HDC until the last 2, place 2 HDC in each of the last 2 HDC, CH 2, turn (30)
Do u mean a hdc on ALL stitches except on the last 2, which will have 2 hdc on each? I just get confused there.

On the next line:

-SS first 10 HDC, CH2, HDC in the last SS’d HDC ( Next to the new CH 2), HDC every HDC across until the last 10 HDC, leave these alone, CH 2, turn
Is it: slip stitch in the first 10 hdc, then ch 2 (I get stucked here) do I turn the project and hdc in the 10 SS? Ive been trying to figure out but maybe I'm missing something cz I'm new to crocheting. Can u please help me?

Thank you in advance for any help u can provide! I'm really excited about finishing the slipers! This is the first thing I'm crocheting for my 3 month old daughter! Thank you again!!

Stephanie D said...
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Stephanie D said...

What happened to the 10 minute booties pattern? It was BY FAR my favorite!! Please don't say I now how to pay for it! :(