Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Gift for a Hurting Soul

A Prayer Scarf For Julia

Made with love in every stitch!

Thinking of you, every day~Love Laura

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shivaya Naturals Yarn Rocks!

Julia and I were going through her yarn stash yesterday. We came across some lovely deep blue green Kid Mohair Yarn that had been gifted to her by her friend Heather of Shivaya Naturals.  She had no ideas as to what she wanted to do with it, and not wanting it to just sit there, and knowing what a CROCHET addict I am, she kindly offered it to me.  
So thanks to Heather for her second hand generosity~HAHAHA

I had the perfect idea for it...which I will share in a future post. 
Here is a preview

At any rate, I am in love!  I am sooooo going to buy more when it becomes available in Heather's Etsy Shop.
Stop by and buy some of her yarn if you like.  It is nothing like anything I have worked with before~Laura

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Color and fruit

Can NOT wait till these ripen...BLACKBERRRY CRISP is calling my name

Some lovely Primroses

Found some Wild Strawberries, no bigger than my index fingernail ( I feel like they are from the oompa loompas, and I am a GIANT!


So, after much asking, pleading, and mentioning in general my lad asked for me to BUZZ his hair yesterday.

So I bit the bullet, grabbed the clippers, called my husband to see if he minded, and then we went for it.



Handsome as ever~wouldn't you agree?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

A few tears were shed, but over all I feel like I did pretty good!  They were all so precious, and happy, and proud.  Wait a second, we all were!  HEHEHEHE!

Here are a few of the best shots.  

Best Buddies!

Great Grandma and the boys
Oma and Poppy with the boys

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day to my Husband...

Happy Fathers Day! You are a far better dad than I ever even imagined you could be!

You are my cliff talking off, amazing green eyed, best guy friend, understanding, family loving, always joking, sometimes lazy, boy playing, football addicted, put to sleeping, constantly procrastinating, road hogging, always upgrading, food loving, sub making, double buying, fellow hoarding, usually sighing, hard working, U2 loving, shoe buying, TV watching, not early rising, money smart, handsome husband. I could not have imagined myself with a more suited man and I am so glad you asked me to marry you!
I love you soooooo much!

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad...

Dad, you are my always rescuing, non-attention seaking, Mr. Measuring, up above'ing, always dependable, easy going, always giving, hard headed, sometimes jerky, keeper of things, head hitting, noise hating, car owning, antique toy loving, always right, boy loving, fixer of all things, wrestler of boys, young at hearted, ski the pants off, out spoken, car washing, family loving father.
 I love you and hope I can be there for you the way you are for me.

Teachers Gifts: Herbal Eye Packs

On a crafting kick I made a few herbal eye packs, thanks to Heathers awesome tutorial (found HERE).  I made one for Sam's Teacher, and Eben's Teacher as a thank you for making the boys first year of school so AMAZING! Thinking that they might need something to relax with after a LONG day with 20 or so Kindergartners, and also wanting them to have something to remember the boys by, I wanted to make 4 (one for each teacher, and one for each teachers aide), but unfortunately only had enough rice mixture for 2.

Rice and Lavender Epsom Salts (stolen from Mom...thanks!) Mixture

So I decided on making their teachers each one in the boys favorite colors.

Blue (Sam's) for his teacher, and Green (Eben's) for his teacher

Graduation is tomorrow, and I am going to be a mess...TEAR ALERT!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Rock Dam

Yesterday the boys got off the bus, IT WAS THEIR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Finally the weather is HOT!  So, I decided we should go back to the brook behind our house so we could cool off.  Instead of wearing their good school clothes, I stripped them down to their undies, and put their sneakers, and crocs on and off we headed complete with a generous dousing of bug spray.

Me first!

Across the bridge

Sooooooo COLD!

Moving the many rocks to make our dam

So strong!

"Look how deep we made it Auntie!"

Boat races

Thankfully no one broke any toes...look at the size of that rock!

We moved EVERY one of these rocks!  Nice and sturdy dam we made huh?

Tree canopy for shade~HEAVEN!

The beginning of Summer, and how much I am looking forward to more fun like this!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bus Driver Gifts!

We have the best bus drivers on the planet for Sam.  "Mr. Dave in the morning, and George in the afternoon.  Get this...George used to be Julia's and my bus driver in our school years, how cool is that~full circle huh?

At any rate, I decided to make some thank you Peanut Butter cookies for them

Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

2 sticks butter, softened
1 c. sugar
1 egg
2 c. flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 c. chunky peanut butter (the chunkier the better!)

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F
Cream butter and sugar and eggs together, add in the flour and baking soda, then mix in the peanut butter
Roll into 1 in. sized balls, and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet

Crisscross with fork tines
Bake for 15 minutes, or until barely golden (I prefer them this way, but you can go darker if preferred)
Attach a thank you note, and pass along the love!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sickness breeds productivity

Today Sam woke with the GI bug that had been manifesting through the night.  Fever, cold sweats, and then came.  

So I had called into work at 2 am to stay home with my little sicko, and had no real plans for my day, until I looked in my foyer, and in my cupboards.  My mom and Julia can vouch for their state of dis-array and clutter.  I mean I had SKI CLOTHES HANGING UP FROM OUR LAST DAY OF SKIING!  WOW

Here are the after photos, the before pictures were never taken...I WAS UBER embarrassed, and lets just leave it to your imagination...OK?

The Freshened Foyer
P.S. I washed the floors on my hands and knees...I do not own a mop
Clean Cupboards
I had some cans from 2008 in the back of the cupboards...2008!  OMG...I am BAD!

Then I washed some dishes
Those glasses are my Coke Zero GOBLETS. I love them, they hold a TON!

Finally I treated myself to a donut, I started with half, and kept going back till the whole thing was gone...My mom had kindly gottern 2 donuts for my lad (they are his favorite), and Sam said he only wanted the "Sprinkled one", so not wanting to waste my mothers generosity I partook. 

Reminded me of this clip from Sex and The City...I love Miranda

Have a great day all.  Oh, BTW I cloroxed this post, GERM FREE!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

0-6 MOS Crochet Dress / Tunic Pattern

Came up with another pattern yesterday.  

Unfortunately since this one took me over FOUR hours to design and make I will not be offering this one for free. But you can find it at Adirondack Patterns

There were many scratches out, many stitches pulled out, much trial and error over that 4 hours

 But in the end...I love it SOOOOO much.  Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some Beauty To Share

Yesterday I was fortunate to get done work at 5:00 pm, and not 7:00 pm., and I happened to have my camera in my work bag. 


The beauty on my way home is abundant and Julia and I always say
"Man I wish I had my camera with me!"

Well yesterday I did.  Here is some of the loveliness I saw.