Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make Room for Baby!

Today, I set to making over my 2 entryways that were in a MAJOR need of a renovation!  Also, with the new one on the way, we needed to clean out our guest room closet, also known as Julia and Eben's room, so that I could put some baby stuff in there.

I employed my trusty, non-whining, super handy, loving sister Julia to help with the, now I say this VERY LOOSELY...handiwork, and Jay was the dragger of all things not needed to the basement.

Front entry before:


Side Entry Before:

After: (Please note our piecemealed, old moulding, rod holders)

Julia took this one, she thought that this one needed a SAD face because it was so shabbily done!  Love it!

Ready for hanging the stuff on!


I added a tension rod, and 2 long panel curtains to help define the space.  Thanks Lisa Laporta!  LOL Julia!

All in all I am SUPER pleased with the whole look, and I can not wait for the two Espresso Bookshelves I bought at Target that JUST SHIPPED!  I am going to use them for shoes on the bottom, and hats, mittens, etc on the top shelve with baskets for storage!  So EXCITED!


B said...

I love the handy work when are you coming to do my entryway. What kind of flooring did you use? and how hard was it?

Elisa said...

Love it! I would loooove to have such a spacious closet in my entry way...hooks too! I have been wanting like 20 hooks near my front door since our coats are always on the floor.