Friday, January 21, 2011

I Had A Dream!

So, I have been not shy about making things for this new baby, and posting them on my blog.  As of yesterday I had yet to buy ONE single thing for this baby.  I woke up the other morning with a huge smile on my face, and remembered the dream I had just had.  I had been dreaming of our baby, see the baby, I did see the crib, and the bedding I had chosen for it.  A mixture of celadon green and white polkadots, and warm fuzzy fabrics.  No comforter sets, no bumpers, no excess.  Just a plain white crib (the same one we have coming back to us that we used for Sam), and a mish mosh of greens and whites scattered amongst.  
Very unisex, very me, very baby.

Yesterday I had the chance to go shopping, and I decided that if I saw anything that fit the bill, I would come home with it. 

Here is what I found:

Crib Sheets (1 Cotton, 1 Velour)

My Mama found this AMAZING set, and I am in love.  It was just what I was looking for, and she found it! It is a two piece set, a lovey, and a blanket!

Next I found these precious little hat and mittens sets.  I thought they were so adorable, and unisex.

Oh, and I think they fit in swimmingly with the baby cardigan I made in October when I found out I was pregnant.

 I also found these breast milk storage containers, of which I had about 20 when I was nursing Sam, but in my
"I am never having another baby" phase I gave away, and got rid of. (DOLT).  They were on clearance for about 4 dollars and were retailing for 15!  BONUS!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Generous sister o' mine

Yesterday I was gifted with yet another kind gift from my sister Julia, a lovely camera strap for our recently resurrected camera, and I AM IN LOVE with it!

Self portraits are not my forte' but here is a picture from the Etsy store she bought it from:

It is lovely, and so ME!  She really has an eye. 

Today I realized I did not take a 15 week belly picture, so being 15 W 6 D today, I think today's will be suitable for my 15-16 weeks picture. 
Okay? OKAY!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What does 2 1/2 hours of unadulterated bliss look like?

Today, I was not allowed to ski because of ticket restrictions, but my dad, and the boys could.  So I went with them to the mountain, and helped dad get the monkeys ready to ski.  When they hit the slopes, I dug into my bag of yarn and needles, and thought of what to create.  I crocheted away, and what did I make?

A baby sleep sack especially made for a blog friend of mine who is going to have a wee one in a few weeks!

A super chunky, warm as toast, V-neck, slip on, bottom tie sleep sack

Where did I get the pattern?  In my head of course, and not a paper or pen to be had, so in my head it will remain until I make another and finally write it down.  I had designed a similar gown late last year.

Yeah, I did not write that one down either.  Enter here Homer Simpson's voice "DOLT"!

I worked by feel, and the little square detail I have used before in this little vest pattern I made up last year:

I felt like this sack needed a bit of a detail to it, and so I added the box pattern to a few rows.

I think it is 0-3 months in size, but I am not sure.  
I used a VERY technical measurement you see... it is as long as my lap.  See, very technical!

I hope she likes it, and that the new babe is warm and snuggly in it.  The cord at the bottom is removable in case she was not comfortable with a cord (choking hazard), but it is well secured, and not too long. 

Later today we have Princess Eva's Sledding Birthday Party, and the boys are anxious for fun, yet apprehensive that the beautiful little birthday girl will cover them in kisses. 
Oh to hav those worries in life.  Poor kids.  LOL!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Today after school the boys dashed into the living room not looking for the game or TV remotes, but for the newest remote to take over our house...THE CRANE REMOTE!

You see, our parents kindly gifted the boys with this MONSTROUS working crane yesterday as a belated Christmas gift, and there has been no other.  

It was a huge hit, and shocker...THEY TOOK TURNS!

After they tired of the crane, then came the dump truck they could run their wrestling guys over with.  
Yup, boys will be boys

Then they wanted a snack.  Ritz crackers, and Merkt's port wine cheese spread was the snack du'jour.  

I decided that GASP...I would actually PLAY...GASP...a game WITH them...GASP!  They were thoroughly elated, and we had a blast.  (Pardon the blurriness of Sam's face, but you get the idea!)

Connect four (Spongebob/Patrick faced edition) was the game of choice.

The final score was Sam 10, Eben 8, me 9.  I did have my fare share of "Oh Darn, you won again (WINK)", and "How come you keep winning (WINK)", and "I didn't see that opening (WINK)".


Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Beret and Booties

Last night, I came across my old pattern for this precious beret. Me fingers were begging me to work, to twirl the yarn, and to go to it! I decided I NEEDED to make one for our new baby~and so I crocheted.

Find the beret pattern here

After I was done, I decided that it needed a little something extra.  AND SO I CROCHETED AGAIN...

After these little babies made it to fruition, I let out an overwhelming SIGH of relief, and smiled a HUGE smile, and my fingers thanked me! We are so excited to see them on our little one.  MAJOR PHOTO OPS ;)


Oh, and one more thing...DO NOT TELL ELISA
(ELISA ARMSTRONG, stop reading here!) I mean it, or ruin your surprise!


So, as I was looking over at my friend Elisa's blog, I saw that she was making a pair of slippers out of a yarn I thought looked very similar to the yarn I just made a pair of baby booties out of.

Photo from Elisa Loves:

 Baby booties I had made:

Then she posted another photo, and I KNEW it was the same yarn.  So, I had a change of mind, and decided to mail her the booties I had originally planned for our new baby.  I was going to make her another pair, but I think the stars aligned, and this was SOOOOOOO meant to be.  Matching Mama, and baby slippers for her newest baby.  I am sending them with some vintage knitting books that I hope she likes. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today being my one day off in a 5 day stretch, I woke with a smile!  I successfully managed to keep my %$#@ together, and not become a RAGING %$#%@ when readying the 3 boys for our morning of skiing. I say 3 boys because I count my dear husband amongst the children on days like this.   Usually I am less than patient as I make sure everyone has all the things they need for our trip.  Helmets, skis, poles, underware, turtlenecks, mittens, snacks, etc.  Today. Jay had already laid out his stuff (as I asked) the night before, and the boys stuff was already together from yesterday when they went with Julia.  The morning went off without a hitch, and I did not even once raise my voice!  

That being said, I thought I would share with you my newest gift from my mother.  Fitting don't you think?  Every week has a different little saying, and I must say...I resemble most of the remarks.

We had a fair time skiing, amongst the windy, cold there were smiles, and jumps.  Racing in and out of a free race course, trying to beat each others times, and all of us laughing when Jay fell while getting off the chair on his first run ( he did not hurt himself, just his ego was injured).  I must say that was the highlight of the ski trip. DO NOT TELL HIM I SAID THAT!  The boys think that the baby in my belly made the best time in the gates.  I tend to agree.

I have been on a craft-a-thon for this new babe.  Although, I can not pick gender specific colors, I am content with my greens, and blues, and whites.  This newest blankie is no exception. 

I made it larger than the pattern so it could be a crib blanket, and I am glad I did.  Although it took me OVER 10 hours to crochet, it was an easy pattern, and I enjoy the finished look so much!  I am planning on edging it in a picot stitch in a purple (girl) or blue (boy) as of FEB 17th.  That is right...we find out the gender on the 17th, and I am counting down the days.  

Here is my most recent belly shot.  I have popped over the past few days.  Sam, the other day, patted my stomach and said "Mommy, the baby is growing!"  
I smiled at his cute little face looking at me, and then at my stomach.

  I must say I am loving the belly pop, but I am not loving how my body feels in general.  I feel out of shape, un-limber, and in need of some exercise.  Of course the weather has been less than optimal for outdoor activites, and I am on high alert couch potato duty...BAD MIX! 

Even Bear is getting his stretch on...NOTE TO SELF: Get moving!

On a MUCH cuter note: Sam lost that wonky tooth yesterday.  I got home from work, adn picked him and Eben up at Julia's, and Julia calls to me " Come in Eben's room!"  I walk in and I see the 3 of them all sitting together on the side of Eben's bed, and Sam is smiling at me.  It took me a minute to notice his gap, it was a LONG day.  He giggled, and had BRAVELY pulled his own tooth out. I hugged him with all my might!


Seriously he is the cutest kid~right?

On another cute kid note: please click on the following link for a wonderful cause. 

Kelle Hampton is a tireless advocate for Down's Syndrome, and a FABULOUS blogger and AMAZING mother of two beautiful little girls. She inspires me with every word! 
For more on Kelle and her world click here.  

Support a great cause, and spread the word!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Scholar!

So, let me just say this, as a first time mom, first grade has been a huge undertaking.  It is by far not what any of us had expected. I remember first grade being like an extension of Kindergarten, just a bit less play, and a bit more ABC's and 123'S.  Sam is taking everything in stride, and he likes his teacher (although I am not sharing his sentiments AS much) which is great!  He has a lot of friends, and has not turned into someone other than SAM, my love.  His reading was having some issues with comprehension, and he was having problems deciding which + or - symbol to use in math problems  (according to the parent teacher conference in November).  In my eyes he was doing AMAZING!  Of course we all think our children can do no wrong, but as a rational person I took a step back, and looked at what the teacher had said.  By doing so, I did notice that there were definitely things that we could be more diligent in.  So I set, and sometimes my husband set, to work.  It has been just over a month now, and MAN is there a HUGE difference.    

So yesterday, we had a first!  He did every ounce of his homework by himself, including reading the questions on the math papers!  I was beaming, and thought I would share.  

Working Hard...thinking

See that little pink pill?  Yeah that is the bane of my life right pre-natal vitamin, and I HATE IT!

While I made dinner, he worked independently.

Look how great he did!  Two of these pages, and one math problem page.  ALL ALONE!
(they are learning time too!)

Then as I was signing off on his homework, Sam asked me how I "draw" my name like I do, and I told him it is cursive. Then I asked if he wanted to write his name. I wrote the first line, and then he did his copy cat version. I think he did awesome!

Finally I leave you with a picture of my current favorite thing on my son's body:
This tooth has been edging it's way forward for weeks now, and there is barely a wiggle to it. So funny! I love how he looks with it. Endearing I think is the right word.

Here is to a better parent teacher conference next time, and to a smart, loving boy who likes to make his mama and daddy proud! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry DE-Christmas! I woke up thoroughly annoyed by the tree that just last night brought me such joy.
The twinkling lights that once made me smile and feeling happy were mocking now "HA HA, you still have us up, and it is WAY past New Years, you procrastinator! Na na na na na."

Not to be one upped by a tree mind you I set to taking it all down.  Ornament by ornament, light string by light string.  As each one was bagged up, my whole body felt calmer, happier, and more free from the stress of the Holidays.  I was left with needles (synthetic, but needles none the less), and dust, and oodles of cat hair layered under the tree. A quick vacuuming, a little re-arranging, and now I have my house back the way I like it!

Oh, and a de-cluttered table area.  SO NICE!

Since the boys are in school again, I thought it was high time for some Mommy time! I then decided to treat myself to a crochet a thon while watching a little Gordon Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares
It was the one at Moore house for those who follow the show, and I loved it!

 Hope you all have a productive lovely day also~Laura

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today as I pulled back the curtain to take my first of TWO daily tubs. That is right TWO!  
This baby has made it's Mama a full on bath addict!  I am not a fan of baths in general, in fact prior to being pregnant this time, I avoided them like the plague.  But since October, they are my favorite craving:

The soaking,
The warmth, 
The bubbles,

I was entertained by what I saw...

A slew of little bath toys, all of them beached together, abandoned hastily by last nights bathing of the boys, given by my husband while I was at work. 
I chuckled at the way that little plastic boy had landed while the water drained, draped over the dolphin, and posed in a diving fashion.  Oh, and the Zebra...he seemed a bit out of place as well.  The space guy at the forefront of the picture did not seem to faze my thoughts because he looks a "little off".

Before my tub, I posed for my 13 week belly picture.  
A little late, 4 days to be exact, but better late than never. 

Lastly I share with you a glimpse at the stunning jewelry set my sister MADE for me.  That is right...MADE!

She gifted me with this adorable nest charm with pearl eggs tucked inside the silver, and a pair of dangly, sparkly, matching earrings.  Aren't they lovely?  I think so too!