Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day, and a baby shower gift

Today we set to the task of making out Valentines for Sam and Eben's classes.  I had bought these Fun Dip Valentine packages a few weeks ago, and have successfully kept them hidden till today.  Sam's teacher wanted him to fill out the cards himself, and I assisted him with the spelling.  He did a great job!

So, after all the allotted amount of Valentines for the class were signed and sealed away, I gave the boys a few packages to eat themselves.  

Note to self: DO NOT BUY FUN DIP AGAIN! 
They loved it though, and nothing a little soap and water won't clean up

Today I go to a baby shower for a friend of mine that I have had since Girl Scout Camp in the early 90's.  We lost touch over the years, but reconnected a few years ago, and she is having a little girl in April who will be named Alexandra.  I decided to give her a few handmade gifts, and I hope she likes them.  The Going Home Dress, A matching Beret, and a pair of booties to match also leftover from our Farmers Market Sales

Julia unfortunately had to work, but sent along some AMAZING little handmade goodies as well, including a PRECIOUS little baby doll she hand made and designed, and the fantastic mobile that is adorning the basket.  She is so talented. 

Here I am, dressed in my finest maternity shirt, and a real bra for the occasion...LOL

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B said...

I also purchased the fun dip and successfully hid it from jack, but not my husband. He ate them all!
cute gift