Monday, February 28, 2011

Ice Day!

Today we got a lovely robotic voice mail message from our school district saying that school was delayed for 2 hours due to ice on the roads. 

Then 1 1/2 hrs later another harmonious message saying SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!
Left on the table were the bags packed, until the next day!

What?  I get to stay snuggled up in bed?  Wait, we get to hang out all day with Julia, and Jay, and the Boys? Wait...WE SHOULD CELEBRATE!

I let the boys do whatever they liked, which entailed a LOT of watching wrestling on our TV, and playing a game.  

Whipped out my new griddle out of the box, and Sam and I made some super yummy pancakes

Slathered them in butter and syrup (imitation of course)...

Julia kindly took a 21 week belly shot of me ;)

And it is only 10:22 AM!  I have a potatoes, and carrots in the crockpot for dinner with some beef, and have the best day lined up!  YIPPY SKIPPY!
Hope you enjoy your day too!

Oh, by the way tomorrow is the launch of the Rhythm of the Home Spring Edition, and Julia has WORKED her butt off yet again for our viewing enjoyment.  Stop on over there if you would, and send some love!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy First Sewing Bee

Today, I am very happy to announce that I am taking part in my sisters web wide sewing bee every Thursday!

She rocks!

Since finding out that Charlie is on the way, I decided that I would make some little boy things.  The first thing I desperately wanted to make was a diaper bag.  I wanted something simple, and sturdy, roomy, and without Winnie the Pooh, Bears, or Sparkles all over it.  I wanted something shall we say...ME

So, after perusing the net for patterns I came up empty handed, and since I CAN NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME UNDERSTAND A PATTERN from say Simplicity, McCalls etc, I thought Hell, I can make this on my own. 

 You see, I have made close to 50 plus bags in the past, when Julia and I had our traveling farmers market store, and know my way around a bag.  I can pretty much look at a bag, and know how to make it.  So, I looked for inspiration, I found it here!

At Affordable Bag Designs on ETSY

It also has inner pockets!  Never done those before, but I decided to give it a go!

So, I washed my fabrics of choice, and bought some heavy duty interfacing.  Oh yeah, never used that before either, but I wanted a bag to shall we say...Stand on it's own!

Then I needed a size template.  This bag I bought a few years ago, and I love it, but I HATE THE OVER FLAP!  I want something I can get in and out of, and not have to flip a flap.  LAZY~huh?

Then I cut out the interfacing about 1 1/2 in bigger than the bag template (14 in. long X 18 in. wide).  I was going to turn this into a pattern / tutorial for our shop, but the light did not cooperate, and mama lost her ambition.  Oh well.

So, I figured out how to make pockets in the lining. I made 3 on each side of the lining, and they are 10 inches deep.  
Then I put the bag together, and I tell you what...I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!
Perma Smile!

Yes, I have a few flaws in the bag, but over all it is lovely!

I love the colors I chose, and I love how the size is perfect for a diaper bag!

Sorry, the light was GOOOONNNNNEEEEE for this last shot.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my first sewing bee, and I encourage you all to go visit Julia, and join in every Thursday!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

It Is A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are having another little boy, and are so glad!  I am so excited I could squeel!  

A healthy, lovely, moving, mouth opening, active, perfect little boy!

His name you ask?????
Charlie Hough

Here he is~thanks for looking

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday I found that my bookcases had arrived on my doorstep after work!  I was so excited to put them together, but my body had other plans.  My back was paining me in the middle of my shoulder blades, and I was exhausted after 13 hours of work. 

So, paper beat rock, and I went to bed 30 minutes later at 9:30 PM.  

Phewww ;)
The next morning I woke up, readied Sam for school, and set to quick work assembling my two new purchases!

I was originally going to put them behind the couch, like a console table, but I found they were a bit too high, and made other plans for my new lovelies.  

I decided I needed to make the entry way a bit more inviting, and thought a little entry table/shelf unit would be just the ticket!

The second I chose to place in the dining area.  I will use it as a semi sideboard for dinners, and get togethers, and a place to display items I love in the mean time.  I think it adds to the space very nicely. 

This is the outfit I wore to bed last night, and what I wore for my assemble line...LOL

Jay took this photo, and said I looked "LOVELY"...YEAH RIGHT!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day, and a baby shower gift

Today we set to the task of making out Valentines for Sam and Eben's classes.  I had bought these Fun Dip Valentine packages a few weeks ago, and have successfully kept them hidden till today.  Sam's teacher wanted him to fill out the cards himself, and I assisted him with the spelling.  He did a great job!

So, after all the allotted amount of Valentines for the class were signed and sealed away, I gave the boys a few packages to eat themselves.  

Note to self: DO NOT BUY FUN DIP AGAIN! 
They loved it though, and nothing a little soap and water won't clean up

Today I go to a baby shower for a friend of mine that I have had since Girl Scout Camp in the early 90's.  We lost touch over the years, but reconnected a few years ago, and she is having a little girl in April who will be named Alexandra.  I decided to give her a few handmade gifts, and I hope she likes them.  The Going Home Dress, A matching Beret, and a pair of booties to match also leftover from our Farmers Market Sales

Julia unfortunately had to work, but sent along some AMAZING little handmade goodies as well, including a PRECIOUS little baby doll she hand made and designed, and the fantastic mobile that is adorning the basket.  She is so talented. 

Here I am, dressed in my finest maternity shirt, and a real bra for the occasion...LOL

Thursday, February 10, 2011

19 Weeks Tomorrow!

I will be 19 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Almost half way done baking this little bun, and I feel amazing! You see those slippers there? They were left here by my mother for when she watches the boys for us.  They have molded to my feet, and I love them.  Thankfully we share the same feet.  And you know what?  So does Sam!  See?

Short big toe, normal other 4 toes.  It is a genetic trait, and I am pleased to have passed them on to my boy.  Which makes me wonder...will our next baby have my feet too?  It seems like an awfully dominate trait.  My Gram had it, my Mom had it, Julia and I have it, Sam has it. 

You know what the Feb 17th is?  It is the day I find out what the sex of this little bugle in my belly is...Pink or Blue, I am super excited to find out, and have no preference either way.  It was awesome raising a little boy, and he is so amazing, and perfect, and my world in so many ways.  I would be lucky to get to raise another little precious boy.  Then there is the fear, and excitement of the unknown...A girl!  You see I have basically only taken care of little boys in my life.  I am not the tea party, barbie doll playing, pretend mommies.  I am not one of those girls.  Although yesterday when I visited my moms house, she and my sister were sorting through 3 huge bags of dresses from Julias' and my lifetime, it made me hope that I am having a girl so I can see her in them.  Dresses most of them hand made by my mom, with her own hands.  Two of each, doubles for her little twin girls.  The doubles were in either coordinating or matching patterns, and amazing in their condition of over 20 years.  I have no pictures yet, but believe me ...LOVE IN EVERY STITCH!

Free Patterns

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make Room for Baby!

Today, I set to making over my 2 entryways that were in a MAJOR need of a renovation!  Also, with the new one on the way, we needed to clean out our guest room closet, also known as Julia and Eben's room, so that I could put some baby stuff in there.

I employed my trusty, non-whining, super handy, loving sister Julia to help with the, now I say this VERY LOOSELY...handiwork, and Jay was the dragger of all things not needed to the basement.

Front entry before:


Side Entry Before:

After: (Please note our piecemealed, old moulding, rod holders)

Julia took this one, she thought that this one needed a SAD face because it was so shabbily done!  Love it!

Ready for hanging the stuff on!


I added a tension rod, and 2 long panel curtains to help define the space.  Thanks Lisa Laporta!  LOL Julia!

All in all I am SUPER pleased with the whole look, and I can not wait for the two Espresso Bookshelves I bought at Target that JUST SHIPPED!  I am going to use them for shoes on the bottom, and hats, mittens, etc on the top shelve with baskets for storage!  So EXCITED!