Thursday, February 10, 2011

19 Weeks Tomorrow!

I will be 19 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Almost half way done baking this little bun, and I feel amazing! You see those slippers there? They were left here by my mother for when she watches the boys for us.  They have molded to my feet, and I love them.  Thankfully we share the same feet.  And you know what?  So does Sam!  See?

Short big toe, normal other 4 toes.  It is a genetic trait, and I am pleased to have passed them on to my boy.  Which makes me wonder...will our next baby have my feet too?  It seems like an awfully dominate trait.  My Gram had it, my Mom had it, Julia and I have it, Sam has it. 

You know what the Feb 17th is?  It is the day I find out what the sex of this little bugle in my belly is...Pink or Blue, I am super excited to find out, and have no preference either way.  It was awesome raising a little boy, and he is so amazing, and perfect, and my world in so many ways.  I would be lucky to get to raise another little precious boy.  Then there is the fear, and excitement of the unknown...A girl!  You see I have basically only taken care of little boys in my life.  I am not the tea party, barbie doll playing, pretend mommies.  I am not one of those girls.  Although yesterday when I visited my moms house, she and my sister were sorting through 3 huge bags of dresses from Julias' and my lifetime, it made me hope that I am having a girl so I can see her in them.  Dresses most of them hand made by my mom, with her own hands.  Two of each, doubles for her little twin girls.  The doubles were in either coordinating or matching patterns, and amazing in their condition of over 20 years.  I have no pictures yet, but believe me ...LOVE IN EVERY STITCH!


B said...

love the belly pic. Glad you are feeling well! Can't wait for next week. Miss you

Olivia said...

Hooray for 19 weeks! I never thought I would be the "girly" type mom myself and then had 5 girls (with another on the way! I'm at 34 weeks tomorrow!)

I'm sure you'll be a wonderful no matter what the sex of your new little one!

Elisa said...

Ah!! Can't wait to find out! I'm taking so long at blog-reading, that I will have to write myself a note to check tomorrow!!