Monday, December 26, 2011

Hayden's Birth Story

Well...almost 6 months ago he was born.  A second coming, and a totally different experience from Sam's Birth almost 7 years ago to the day.

 After the July 4th fireworks Jay and I went home with Sam and Eben.  We put the boys to bed, and by the time it was 11pm we were for some reason wired for sound.  Jay and I sat and watched Storage Wars, and Pawn Stars until around 1 in the morning.  At that time I started feeling some tightening of my uterus, but thought nothing of it until it continue for a 1/2 hr.  Then we timed them...TWO minutes apart.  They were not painful, but definitely making my stomach tight.  So we called the OB dept.  They sad to come in because I was 3 cm. at my last OB appt a few days before, and I needed antibiotics for my Group B strep.  

We called my Mom, and Dad (who live up the road from our house), and told them what was going on.  My Dad came down to watch the boys, and then my mom would come down in the AM and watch them if I was truly in labor.  I remember kissing Sam and nuzzling his little face, and telling him with tears in my eyes how much I loved him, and how that nothing, nothing in the world would change that and that I was always going to be there for him.  He was sound asleep, but for some reason it felt better knowing that I had told him that.  Uggghhhhhh...that sucked, saying goodby to your first born, knowing that you would be a family of 4 when you came home again, and hoping that everything would be ok!

So, Jay and I drove to the hospital, and when we got there, they took one look at me and are not in labor, you are too calm and happy.  So my great nurse Jessica put me on the monitor and checked me.  I was indeed having contractions (2 minutes apart), and was 4 cm dilated with a bulging bag of waters.  So they decided that I could stay.  The put an IV in, drew some blood, and hung my first penicillin dose.  Then I called my twinnie, my rock, the woman who I NEEDED to be with me.  She was scheduled to work that day, and I had asked a wonderful coworker, Nancy, if she would be able to work for Julia in the event that I went into labor on a day she was scheduled to work.  THANK GOODNESS I DID!  So Julia was sound asleep, and I call her at about 3AM.  "Hello" she says, "Hi...guess what..." "Seriously, no way!" she says.  "Yup, I am 4 cm, contractions 2 min apart, and they are keeping me, go back to bed, I am going to call Nancy, and I will see you later in the morning.".  Yeah right...she showed up about 1 hour later!  I was so relieved to see her.  Poor Nancy had to work on her day off, and for that I am eternally grateful! 

My poor mother, who I know wanted to be by my side, but was thankfully watching out other boys, was checking in on and off.  I can not imagine what that must have been like for her, but I am very thankful for her support and for being there in the capacity she was.  She rocks too! 

For the next few hours we walked the halls, went up and down flights of stairs, swayed my hips in figure eights. I rocked in a rocking chair, and sat on a birthing ball to help open my pelvis.  The contractions were there, but nothing compared to the pitocin ones I had with Sam.  I took a jacuzzi tub, washed my hair, and visited with Julia and Jay (who napped off and on).

A super d duper thank you to Julia, who not only was my doula, but also took all of the amazing photos I have shared with you here.  I do not know what I would ever do without her. 

See tooooooo happy...

So Mary, MY FABULOUS MIDWIFE came in at around 8 AM and broke the bag of waters, 
and told me that she didn't think things would be long.  I was still about 4 cm. 

The next few hours was pretty blahhhhh...the contractions slowly started gaining speed, and strength.  Nothing I could not handle, but more than mild.  I continue to walk, rock, etc.  Mary came back in at some point before 11 and checked me again.  I was about 5 cm.   Around 1 pm she checked me again, and I was about 6cm, and I was getting pretty uncomfortable.  I asked for a dose of Nubain, and that took the edge off.  I remember dozing on and off, and sleeping for while.  I think Mary came in around 2 and I was still about 6 cm.  I asked her if I could do anything else to speed things up.  She said to try the jacuzzi. 

Julia and I went into the bathroom, and I sat in the tub.  I was still drowsy, and I remember asking Julia the same questions twice...I am a lightweight in the drug dept, so that ONE shot of Nubain was a doozy.  Then things picked up...holy crap did they pick up.  I remember having lower back pain, like pressure, and pain at the same time.  I remember having to press my back into the edge of the tub to place counter pressure where it hurt.  I remember telling Julia that I didn't want another dose of the Nubain because I wanted to remember having this baby, unlike Sam, and that I would go for the spinal if I could have it.  Then things went from 0-60.  The rest is a blur. No time for the spinal, barely enough time to get to the bed. F#%$^@CK!!!!!!!! Julia called for the nurse (Sharon, who BTW was INCREDIBLE), I was on my knees facing the tub wall, and making ungodly noises, grunting, and moaning, and being very gutteral in my noises.  I remember Julia telling Sharon that I sounded like this when I was birthing Sam.  So Sharon checked me in the tub, and I only had a lip of the cervix left.  Then I remember looking through the bathroom doorway, seeing the OB unit director Marilyn, Mary, and Sharon all scurrying about.  They wanted me to walk to the bed.  Yeah right...good luck with that.  Every inch I moved I had another contraction, and involuntarily felt my body pushing.  Like I had no control.  It was the most amazing , painful, and weird thing I have ever experienced.  I never had the urge to push with Sam.

So with Julia's support I finally made it to the edge of the bed.  Then I sat there, and could not stop pushing, it was so incredible!  I said "I'm pushing, my body is pushing".  They got me into the bed, and Jay and Julia were there.  I want to say it was about 3pm by the time I started pushing in the bed. I was screaming, and groaning, and crying out because it hurt so F-ing bad.  It was so much pressure against where my urethra was.  I begged Mary to cut me, and give me an episiotomy to relieve the pressure.  She wouldn't and said that there was plenty of stretch left.  Ugghhhhhhh....great I thought.  LOL.  After about 10 minutes he began to crown, and Mary told me to put my hands down, and grab him.  I said "Nooooo...I can't, I don't want to do it...can Julia do it?"  She said "sure, Julia, here are your gloves!" So Julia put on the sterile gloves, and got into position with Mary guiding her hands.  He had a nuchal cord x 1, and Mary reduced it, then they pulled him out together. It was amazing, and emotional, and as my twinnie said...Glorious. Jay was at my side, Sharon and Marcy, another RN were holding my legs, and everything was ready.  I pushed, and pushed, and at 3:13 pm Hayden made his way into this crazy world, into the hands of his Auntie Jella. 

Love at first sight I tell you!

Hayden Hough
7 lbs 15 oz
21 in.

 17 minutes old

His other mama!

Daddy love

My new baby~so surreal

 Oma and Poppy inspecting the newest addition

My two loves meeting for the first time. Sam said he smelled like a bagel!  LOL

First nursing session

Proud Eben and Sam!

Same noses

And then there were four!

We went home the very next day, and luckily there were no complications.  So different than Sam's Birth but just as special.  No internal monitor, no pitocin, no spinal, not strapped to the bed, no episiotomy, no hemorrhaging, no drug induced amnesia. You know the funny thing...the minute I had Hayden I had a flood of memories, probably suppressed from when I had Sam, and I said to Julia "I remember, I remember!"  That my friends is the best memory I have from this birth, besides my sister catching Hayden. It was like I gave birth to Sam again, I know that might sound weird, but that is how it felt.  A wonderful, lovely memory of when I became a mother for the first time. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Free Adirondack Patterns Crochet Hat Pattern (3-6 MOS)

Hook: H
Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy


SC-Single Crochet
HDC-Half Double Crochet
SS- Slip Stitch
DC-Double Crochet
FPDC-Front Post Double Crochet


Pattern Notes: In EVERY round, you will always do the first stitch of the next row INTO the SAME stitch you just SS'd to.  The first stitch of each row (where you will end up SS'ing to) appears to be short, but please know that it is the way it should be since for this pattern I chose not to CH 2 or 3 at the beginning of each row. Also, the hat starts out rolling outwards initially, but as you work down the hat it will start making it's real hat shape.  Each row is specified by a - , and NO, SORRY, I DO NOT USE STITCH COUNTS!

 -Ch 2

-Place 7 HDC in first CH, SS to the first HDC

-HDC in the first HDC, HDC in the second HDC, then place 2 HDC in the next, continue in this pattern for the entire row, SS to the first HDC

-DC every HDC, SS to the first DC

-DC in the first DC, FPDC in the second DC, continue in this pattern for the entire row, SS to the first DC

-Place 2 DC in the first DC, FPDC in the FPDC, continue in this pattern for the entire row, SS to the first DC

-Place 1 DC in the first DC, Place 2 DC in the next DC, then FPDC in the FPDC, continue in this pattern for the entire row, SS to the first DC

-DC in EACH of the next THREE DC's, FPDC in the FPDC, continue in this pattern for the entire row, SS to the first DC


-HDC every DC, and FPDC stitch for the entire row, SS to the first HDC.

-HDC every HDC for the entire row, SS to the first HDC.

This is what it will look like now (unisex version)
Turn it into a little lady version if you desire!





Please post your pics in my Ravelry Page for this Pattern!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winners!

First of all, thanks for all of the love and comments from all of you!

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Giveaway Day! Patterns for the taking!

So! I'm partaking in yet another giveaway day with Sew Mama Sew.... 

Who doesn't like a giveaway?  Right?
I am giving FOUR readers the choice of any ONE pattern in our store!  
A bit about our store.

Adirondack Patterns is a collaboration between twin sisters Laura and Julia who's love of sewing and crafting for their children expanded into the creation of a store. Over the past 2 years, AdirondackPatterns has grown to include over 60 patterns and tutorials; including those on cloth diaper sewing, complete instructions on several variations of Waldorf dolls, clothing tutorials, and accessories for little ones. All of the patterns and tutorials are very simple to follow and almost all of them have detailed photos for every step of the process.

"Our sole purpose in sharing our tutorials at reasonable prices is to inspire and make it possible for other Mama’s to create handmade goods and toys for their little ones. Because every wee one deserves to have something handmade with love." 
 A smattering of our patterns...

Easy newborn earflap hat pattern


DISCOUNT PACKAGE.... Complete Waldorf doll pattern and tutorial package for doll hair and dress

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Free Crochet Winter Baby Beret Pattern (Rhythm of The Home)

Please join me over at the Winter 2011 issue of The Rhythm of The Home

I have included my beret pattern in this issue.

 Check it out~there is so much other cuteness in this awesome issue!

Winter Baby Beret

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome to the FIRST Windfall Doll giveaway

Welcome to the FIRST Windfall Doll giveaway!

Come on over to Windfall Dolls (click picture below) for a giveaway!

We are so excited to introduce Holly.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Windfall Dolls

Please follow me over to a new space that is near and dear to Julia's and my heart.

Windfall Dolls

Friday, November 11, 2011

War and Peace, Happy Veterans Day

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude."

Cynthia Ozick

Today I am so very grateful for those who fight for our freedom.  I am grateful for the sacrifies they make and for the families who wait for their safe return. 

I don't think I could ever do that, you see...I am a wussss...make that capital WUSSSSS!!!!!!

I pray that neither of my boys, nor my nephew have to go to war.

I pray that they will never be drafted, or want to go to war. Because I am WUSSSSS!!!

Or maybe selfish, how bad is that?

I am a worry wart, and I do not know how I would deal with having to worry about them in a war situation.  I can see myself instructing them to dive into a burrow somewhere, and hide until the warfare stopped, and they would be safe.   To call me every night, and to blow kisses in my direction, as I do to them every night.
I worry about them when they are in the same house as I am, I worry for their safety at school, and I make sure, with all that I can, that they are safe.  I say a prayer for them every single night that they will live long, healthy, wonderful, happy lives, and will grow to have families of their own. (In those exact words).  Then I blow kisses towards them, or kiss them if I am next to them.

So, the things I take for granted today?

I am grateful for a beautiful little boy pretending he is a tough warrior, although he cries when he sees a tear in his mama's eye:

I am grateful for a sleeping baby, who's only worry is when he can nurse again, and if his baby is near by.

Happy Veterans Day, and I am sorry if I am a selfish WUSSSSS, I can't help it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crafty Goodness!

Hop on over to Crafty Rie, and add your blog to her blog list of superb craftiness!  So AWESOME!!!!!!

I am only 1/4 of a way through the list, and I swear it is so inspiring!  Love it!
Click on the button (Right) for the link!

Friday, November 4, 2011

He Sleeps

Sam was not a baby who fell asleep on his own, I nursed him to sleep almost every time, and I loved it.

Hayden is a different baby~that is the way it is supposed to be. Right? 

You have another baby, and you compare.

You grasp onto the similarities, and laugh about the differences.

Hayden does love to fall asleep nursing (similar), but he also enjoys staring at his frog mobile, talking to himself, and he drifts gently asleep talking to his trees outside of his window (different)
Here is a video taken this morning, after we dashed outside to bring Sam to the bus which I can never quite seem to meet in time (my husband laughs, and mocks me every time). He also loves the fresh air~like his Auntie Jella does.

He sleeps, I can't help touching him, he smiles...LOVE!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mock Apple Fried Dough Made With Pillsbury Grands

These are so simple it is disgusting, but so amazingly delicious it is fattening...HEHEHEHE!

Mock Apple Fried Dough


10 medium Macintosh apples pealed and sliced
2 cans (16 bisquits total) Pillsbury Grands Bisquits
1 cup brown sugar
2 heaping tbsps flour
1 tsp. ground allspice


Peal and core the apples, then slice into pieces

Use a chopper and chop until a medium dice

Roll out each bisquit into a 6 inch circle (shown here by my sous chef Sam)

Mix all the ingredients together in a medium size bowl

Preheat the oven to 375 F, and place each circle on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet

Place a generous amount of mixture in the center of the circle, and spread out till almost to the edge

Hayden enjoyed teething on one of the extra apples

Bake for 18-20 minutes, or until edges are golden brown, allow to cool for 10 minutes, and then dust with confectioners sugar if you desire...I DESIRE! I also would suggest serving with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream!