Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Little Grabber

So, Hayden has a little "quirk" as I like to call it.  He is a grabber. He tugs on his hair while he is nursing, so much so I am surprised that he has any hair left at all. He tugs on blankets when they are anywhere within his grasp. 
My ultimate favorite though...pinches my neck when I nuzzle him. I have actual baby nail marks on my neck from him. He is not vicious, but just like a love mark. I like to think of it as he is marking his territory.
Here is how I found him in his sleep this morning for his nap
Full force, pinched off, hand grab to the left ear. (and no he doesn't have an ear infection ;). It seems to be a comfort thing for him.
So tell me, do you have any grabbers out thee in blog land?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Littles??? So OVER it!

lit·tle/ˈlitl/ Definition:

  1. Small in size, amount, or degree (often used to convey an appealing diminutiveness or express an affectionate or condescending attitude).
  2. A small amount of: "we got a little help from my sister"; "you only see a little of what he can do".
I found the condescending part above quite humorous.

When you Google the term "Littles", the following is the result:

 A series of children's novels " The Littles" by John Peterson

I like the kitty...that is all

An animated series based on "The Littles"

 I personally think the characters look a LOT like mice or rats...nice huh? Just what I want to refer to my kids as, let alone other peoples kids!

When you Google the term Littles WITH the word Blog, you get the following:

A Blog called  Life with Littles: Anything but sugar-coated parenting - citizen blog how the kids are looking clinging and annoying, and the mother visibly throwing her hands up!

Another Blog called Life With My Littles

A compilation of parenting, religion, cloth diapers, and military.

BTW...the blog above has over 1800 followers, mine has 120, perhaps I am missing something.

A Pediatric Office in Oregon named
Littles Pediatrics

Can you imagine saying, oh yeah, I have an appointment at "Littles" with Dr. Chris. ???

If you Search the word Littles in Kelle Hamptons' blog

you get page, after page, after page, of blog posts with the word Littles in it

Kelle's blog BTW was the first blog where I noticed the RAMPANT use of the word I have come to abhor. Now since she has a mere 17,000 followers (give or take ;) ), perhaps that is why I have seen an influx in the blogs using the word to describe their kids.

Just to make sure I wasn't being a hypocrite, I searched my own blog for the word "littles" no search results came up, but there will be after I hit the publish button. CRAP ;)

Ok, so this all being said, there are many things that you can call your child:

I went to

Main Entry:
child [chahyld] Show IPA
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: very young person
Synonyms: adolescent, anklebiter, babe, baby, bairn, bambino, brat, cherub, chick, cub, descendant, dickens, imp, infant, innocent, issue, juvenile, kid, kiddie, lamb, little angel, little darling, little doll, little one, minor, mite, moppet, neonate, nestling, newborn, nipper, nursling, offspring, preteen, progeny, pubescent, shaver, small fry, sprout, squirt, stripling, suckling, tadpole, teen, teenager, teenybopper, toddler, tot, tyke, urchin, whippersnapper, young one, youngster, youth
Antonyms: adult

So, in an effort to obliterate this term from being used to refer to kids, children, tots, babies, cherubs, etc. I am asking you to pass this post along, to spread the word, and try and refrain from using the word yourself. 

Think about it... I mean, if you were a kid, would you want to be called a "little", when all you really wanted to be was big?

If I have offended you, if you are a user of this word I hate, please know that this is just my opinion, and like this says

Now, please excuse me as I step off of my soapbox. 


Friday, February 24, 2012

Well then...

So, as I was perusing my blog, seeing if it was truly a real representation of myself and our life (after being inspired by this post), which I do believe it does, I realized that most of my recent posts have been about our shop, or patterns, etc.  
So with that being is an actual blog post, not containing shop propaganda ;)
Here is a SMATTERING of our past 2 months.

I have noticed how similar these gentleman are beginning to look!

I traded in my Elantra for a Mazda 5...a mini-mini van. AND I AM IN LOVE!

I still admire how the bond between these two seems to grow by the hour.

Have enjoyed hearing the squeals, and babbles from a certain almost 8 month old!

Enjoy post snack snuggles, even if my arm begins to fall asleep, and my shoulder is killing me, WELL WORTH IT!

Hating how my eldest lad is not wanting me to take his picture anymore, and how I have much fewer photos of Sam than Hayden since now I have to make a stealth photo attack! I have been remiss, and note to self: Take more Sam pics!

Hayden has been enjoying his big brothers hand-me-downs, and mama is so glad I kept a few things!

Hayden and Jay bond over some tunes!

My beautiful mama sure knows how to snuggle babies!

Hayden enjoys his drug of choice...FLEECE!

My little Piano Man (thanks to Auntie for her thrifted toy purchases!)

A touque I whipped up for my favorite sissy!  

My boys...need I say more! Hayden enjoyed his first taste of "Puckeys", as Eben used to call them!

Thanks for visiting me here, and for reading about our life.  

Friday, February 17, 2012

Yet another Adirondack Patterns Discount Offer at The Sleepytime Gal!

The Lovely Nicole at The Sleepy Time Gal is hosting our store this week...and there is a discount! 
(I know, another giveaway)
This time it is a 25 % discount!  HOLLA!
Check out the ADORABLE little dollies she made her girls using Julia's Pattern!

Here is the link to her site and the discount!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Feather and Anchor Giveaway!

Giveaway over at Feather and Anchor!!!!!

Julia's friend Erin is holding a giveaway for Julia's and my shop.  There is a Waldorf baby doll up for grabs and 4 patterns!  Stop on over this during the next week and comment, the winner will be announced on the 17th.

Below you will find just a few examples of the over 60 patterns and tutorials that we have in the store.

Thanks for your support!  We really love creating these patterns and tutorials.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free Waldorf Doll Two Tone Dress Tutorial

Today, I came up with a pattern based on the dresses I used to make when we had our 
Farmers Market Shop.  
(here is one I had had made)

We have decided to share this with our Windfall Dolls viewers.  Hope you enjoy, and please email us some of the lovely dresses you have made! 

Here is Violet, in one that I made from my tutorial and pattern

 Here is the link to the pattern~enjoy!