Monday, February 28, 2011

Ice Day!

Today we got a lovely robotic voice mail message from our school district saying that school was delayed for 2 hours due to ice on the roads. 

Then 1 1/2 hrs later another harmonious message saying SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!
Left on the table were the bags packed, until the next day!

What?  I get to stay snuggled up in bed?  Wait, we get to hang out all day with Julia, and Jay, and the Boys? Wait...WE SHOULD CELEBRATE!

I let the boys do whatever they liked, which entailed a LOT of watching wrestling on our TV, and playing a game.  

Whipped out my new griddle out of the box, and Sam and I made some super yummy pancakes

Slathered them in butter and syrup (imitation of course)...

Julia kindly took a 21 week belly shot of me ;)

And it is only 10:22 AM!  I have a potatoes, and carrots in the crockpot for dinner with some beef, and have the best day lined up!  YIPPY SKIPPY!
Hope you enjoy your day too!

Oh, by the way tomorrow is the launch of the Rhythm of the Home Spring Edition, and Julia has WORKED her butt off yet again for our viewing enjoyment.  Stop on over there if you would, and send some love!


Faeryfay said...

A day off school because of ice! Wow! My kids think that is pretty amazing! They get a day off here when the temp gets above 40degrees!

Anonymous said...

looks like a truly lovely day.

Thanks for the comments on my smocks - I love the bag you made as well - such a pretty color.