Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday I found that my bookcases had arrived on my doorstep after work!  I was so excited to put them together, but my body had other plans.  My back was paining me in the middle of my shoulder blades, and I was exhausted after 13 hours of work. 

So, paper beat rock, and I went to bed 30 minutes later at 9:30 PM.  

Phewww ;)
The next morning I woke up, readied Sam for school, and set to quick work assembling my two new purchases!

I was originally going to put them behind the couch, like a console table, but I found they were a bit too high, and made other plans for my new lovelies.  

I decided I needed to make the entry way a bit more inviting, and thought a little entry table/shelf unit would be just the ticket!

The second I chose to place in the dining area.  I will use it as a semi sideboard for dinners, and get togethers, and a place to display items I love in the mean time.  I think it adds to the space very nicely. 

This is the outfit I wore to bed last night, and what I wore for my assemble line...LOL

Jay took this photo, and said I looked "LOVELY"...YEAH RIGHT!


Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty!!!!!! Just like the assembly-er. And it is so nice to see your gorgeous dishes out for people to see.

Love you.

Elisa said...

COMFY looking! I love your bookshelves. They are so pretty.