Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm a big MOM now!!!

For the past 4 years 8 months and 5 days our son S has slept in our bed, or slept with me in his bed, or at least fallen asleep in my presence EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! Tonight J and I made a pact to try something new that my sister has been doing with her son (Eben) for a while now and it works very well. We kissed him good night, tucked him in, and explained to him that he is going to have to be a big boy and fall asleep AND sleep in his own bed without mommy and daddy. After many tears and cuddles and reassurances...he did it! Hell...I did it! I am a huge pushover, he is my cuddle buggle, my hot water bottle, my security blanket and as much as I know how he needs to be able to do this I was as reluctant as he was. I am so proud of my little boy...we are growing together every day!


Heather said...

Birdie....I am proud of you but....don't beat your self up about this. "They are only little once"....these are my Mom's words.... echoing in my head,right now. ENJOY him....he's the only one that you are going to have. Someday...he'll have someone else in his bed and no room for you! You will NEVER be able to love him enough.

You could do what I used to....with you girls him his story and just hold him until he's asleep.

NO HARM,he needs and loves this.

YOU DO AS WELL:) Love, Momma

Anonymous said...

He looks so cozy. I had to cover him up this morning he had kicked all the covers off and was laying like a little baby....Hand to chin.

I'm proud of you and hope that you can enjoy your beautiful bed by yourself with your hubby for a long while longer.

Martha said...

Good for you! I love to have the kids in bed with me and if our bed wasn't a little double I can bet they would both be sleeping with us...