Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sam's Sewing Bee Bag!

Today, I was in a funk, and not really in the mood to sew, actually I spent over 3 hours laid up in a bed with a FULL belly.  I got up at 1:30 PM, and went online.  DAMN...Sewing Bee Thursday~CRAP!

So, I went about my usual blog reading, and stumbled upon Ginny's post today about letting children sew.  Sam has never sewn anything but a piece of paper in the past, and I thought that this would be a good day for him to try something out.  So, I pulled out my fabric basket, and asked him what he wanted to make, A pillow or a bag.  He chose a bag, and I was thinking it was a bit out of our FIRST sewing bee reach, but I decided to let him try.  So, here are the pictures of our time together.  We had an awesome time...I swear I did not touch the foot pedal once, and I only guided him a few times.  By the end he was anticipating the backstitching, footlifting, and turning of the fabric all on his own.  I am PROUD!!!!!!!!

First we laid out the fabric choices

Then he cut the edge...ROUGH, but Mama straightened it out later

Of course a HUGE icecream sandwich was in order for energy's sake

I was glad I had moved the sewing machine to the coffee table so Mr. Flintstone Feet could reach the foot pedal.

Learning the backstitch button while sewing the pocket

Pocket pinned and ready to go...of course I forgot that you did not need to sew the pocket edges before you sew the pocket to the bag...DOLT!

Double stitches not so neatly done, no thanks to my initial mistake, but he took it in stride, and likes the look

Pinned top of the bag edge

Sewing very precisely!  Love it!

Turns out pinning is the hardest part for little hands, hard to explain, so I had him observe me.  He finally got it.

Sewing the strap

Sam'bo ready for action!

Cutting the corners of the bag to make box corners.  My favorite!

 GQ...HERE HE COMES!  Zac got some competition!  LOL!

It turned into a lovely day, and I am so glad my boy enjoyed his first sewing bee!  Hop over to Julia's Page if you wish to take part in the sewing bee too!  It is so much fun!

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Elisa said...

THat is so stinkin awesome!!!! GO SAM!!! Wow. How old is he? Great job!! And good job YOU for teaching him, I don't know if I'd have the patience.