Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Funk...

Although I woke up today and feel MUCH better than yesterday, I am getting over a serious case of the FUNKS.

You know, the I can't place a finger on it,but EVERYTHING is bothering me, therefore I can not fix it or de-funkify myself.!  I was in a royal funk yesterday, and am pretty sure that I ruined the day of those around me.  I am sorry for that, and if I could have changed it I would have...BELIEVE ME!

So today I am slowly becoming more of myself, and have begun the day with a Belly Shot comparison! I am up to a grand total of 27.6 pounds gained, and over all am feeling pretty good. 

 I cleaned our laundry area, and swept the entire basement this morning.  Ahhhh....Feels so much better! EXHALE!

My dear sister picked up some "Mothers Little Helpers" on the way home from work for her VERY uncomfortable twinnie, and cramped nephew in my belly...WE WILL LEAVE IT AT THAT. LOL!

Hopefully the FUNKS are not contagious, and you all will have a lovely weekend!


Amy said...

Oh what a lovely belly! I love that you are nesting and I hope the funks pass (no pun intended lol) soon.

In the Pursuit of Cuter Clothes

Elisa said...

Aw! I know how you feel. I was sooo crabby the 3 months of my pregnancy w/ Jake. =) Just do happy things and rest as much as you can. SUPER CUTE belly/outfit, btw.

One Blonde Girl said...

I hate the funks and have also been suffering from them this week. I blame our recent rainy weather (and, of course, the pregnancy hormones). Your belly is looking good! But I have to be honest, I'm not sure where you're hiding those 26 lbs. because you look great! (Or maybe you were rail thin pre-prego?) I'm enjoying watching your progress because it allows me to see where I'll be a month-ish down the road.

B said...

funk=pregnancy hormones, I feel your pain. I am sure those around understood