Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting outside and "Cleaning up the planet"

Today, the boys needed to get some bees out of their pants, and I shoo'ed them outside.  Usually they just climb on the wood pile, play with pretend swords (sticks), and generally just roam the property.

The other day we had cleaned up the yard...NOT KIDDING AN ENTIRE DUMPSTER full of blown around debris from Winter's furry.  I was the one who initiated it, and believe you was like pulling teeth to get Sam out there to help.  Eben was game for any adventure (like usual).  

You can imagine my surprise when Jay says to me..."they are cleaning up the woods, and putting things in the dumpster."  Apparently there was a smattering of things that had been blown into the woods, and we had missed.  I looked outside and I see them flitting from place to place, handing things to eachother to take turns running to the dumpster.  So I grabbed my camera and headed out to capture the moment.

"Auntie...we are cleaning up the planet"

"No more stuff over here mom."

"Team Trash Collector"

On the hunt for more

Found some!

On the run

Payment for each a job excellently done, and for teaching mom a lesson in the process.  

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B said...

can I borrow them! I can't believe how grown up they are!