Saturday, January 15, 2011

What does 2 1/2 hours of unadulterated bliss look like?

Today, I was not allowed to ski because of ticket restrictions, but my dad, and the boys could.  So I went with them to the mountain, and helped dad get the monkeys ready to ski.  When they hit the slopes, I dug into my bag of yarn and needles, and thought of what to create.  I crocheted away, and what did I make?

A baby sleep sack especially made for a blog friend of mine who is going to have a wee one in a few weeks!

A super chunky, warm as toast, V-neck, slip on, bottom tie sleep sack

Where did I get the pattern?  In my head of course, and not a paper or pen to be had, so in my head it will remain until I make another and finally write it down.  I had designed a similar gown late last year.

Yeah, I did not write that one down either.  Enter here Homer Simpson's voice "DOLT"!

I worked by feel, and the little square detail I have used before in this little vest pattern I made up last year:

I felt like this sack needed a bit of a detail to it, and so I added the box pattern to a few rows.

I think it is 0-3 months in size, but I am not sure.  
I used a VERY technical measurement you see... it is as long as my lap.  See, very technical!

I hope she likes it, and that the new babe is warm and snuggly in it.  The cord at the bottom is removable in case she was not comfortable with a cord (choking hazard), but it is well secured, and not too long. 

Later today we have Princess Eva's Sledding Birthday Party, and the boys are anxious for fun, yet apprehensive that the beautiful little birthday girl will cover them in kisses. 
Oh to hav those worries in life.  Poor kids.  LOL!

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Elisa said...

Beautiful blog post...I just love the look of that sack. The stitches are so perfect and the blue yarn looks so soft and comfy. It amazes me how you think these patterns up in your head. You should definitely write it down next time! I'd pay for the pattern. It's annoying how all the sleepers I have for the baby have buttons on the front, because my babies always sleep on their I was thinking of making something they can sleep in. I wonder if you would just put a onesie on the baby and then put him/her in the sleeping sack? If you have any ideas let me know! If you make this into a pattern let me know too, looks like a fun crochet project. =)