Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Beret and Booties

Last night, I came across my old pattern for this precious beret. Me fingers were begging me to work, to twirl the yarn, and to go to it! I decided I NEEDED to make one for our new baby~and so I crocheted.

Find the beret pattern here

After I was done, I decided that it needed a little something extra.  AND SO I CROCHETED AGAIN...

After these little babies made it to fruition, I let out an overwhelming SIGH of relief, and smiled a HUGE smile, and my fingers thanked me! We are so excited to see them on our little one.  MAJOR PHOTO OPS ;)


Oh, and one more thing...DO NOT TELL ELISA
(ELISA ARMSTRONG, stop reading here!) I mean it, or ruin your surprise!


So, as I was looking over at my friend Elisa's blog, I saw that she was making a pair of slippers out of a yarn I thought looked very similar to the yarn I just made a pair of baby booties out of.

Photo from Elisa Loves:

 Baby booties I had made:

Then she posted another photo, and I KNEW it was the same yarn.  So, I had a change of mind, and decided to mail her the booties I had originally planned for our new baby.  I was going to make her another pair, but I think the stars aligned, and this was SOOOOOOO meant to be.  Matching Mama, and baby slippers for her newest baby.  I am sending them with some vintage knitting books that I hope she likes. 


Faeryfay said...

Love the booties and beret! Gorgeous!

Elisa said...

Got my present today!!! I LOOOOVE IT!! Will have to show it off on my blog once I snap a good picture. I'm so excited. I just love the crazy that you had just made some with the same yarn?! You are so sweet. =)

Adrienne said...

I love those slippers! Too cute! I tried finding patterns for my daughter before she was born and couldn't find anything like that. Very precious! (Sorry--I'm a friend of Elisa's and found your blog through her's. As an avid crocheter, I had to come check them out.)

Anonymous said...

How sweet!

Peanut's peanuts said...

Love the booties! Thanks for the pattern from ravelry... :) I think mine turned out ok. :)

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!