Friday, January 14, 2011


Today after school the boys dashed into the living room not looking for the game or TV remotes, but for the newest remote to take over our house...THE CRANE REMOTE!

You see, our parents kindly gifted the boys with this MONSTROUS working crane yesterday as a belated Christmas gift, and there has been no other.  

It was a huge hit, and shocker...THEY TOOK TURNS!

After they tired of the crane, then came the dump truck they could run their wrestling guys over with.  
Yup, boys will be boys

Then they wanted a snack.  Ritz crackers, and Merkt's port wine cheese spread was the snack du'jour.  

I decided that GASP...I would actually PLAY...GASP...a game WITH them...GASP!  They were thoroughly elated, and we had a blast.  (Pardon the blurriness of Sam's face, but you get the idea!)

Connect four (Spongebob/Patrick faced edition) was the game of choice.

The final score was Sam 10, Eben 8, me 9.  I did have my fare share of "Oh Darn, you won again (WINK)", and "How come you keep winning (WINK)", and "I didn't see that opening (WINK)".


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Elisa said...

That crane looks fantabulous!