Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today being my one day off in a 5 day stretch, I woke with a smile!  I successfully managed to keep my %$#@ together, and not become a RAGING %$#%@ when readying the 3 boys for our morning of skiing. I say 3 boys because I count my dear husband amongst the children on days like this.   Usually I am less than patient as I make sure everyone has all the things they need for our trip.  Helmets, skis, poles, underware, turtlenecks, mittens, snacks, etc.  Today. Jay had already laid out his stuff (as I asked) the night before, and the boys stuff was already together from yesterday when they went with Julia.  The morning went off without a hitch, and I did not even once raise my voice!  

That being said, I thought I would share with you my newest gift from my mother.  Fitting don't you think?  Every week has a different little saying, and I must say...I resemble most of the remarks.

We had a fair time skiing, amongst the windy, cold there were smiles, and jumps.  Racing in and out of a free race course, trying to beat each others times, and all of us laughing when Jay fell while getting off the chair on his first run ( he did not hurt himself, just his ego was injured).  I must say that was the highlight of the ski trip. DO NOT TELL HIM I SAID THAT!  The boys think that the baby in my belly made the best time in the gates.  I tend to agree.

I have been on a craft-a-thon for this new babe.  Although, I can not pick gender specific colors, I am content with my greens, and blues, and whites.  This newest blankie is no exception. 

I made it larger than the pattern so it could be a crib blanket, and I am glad I did.  Although it took me OVER 10 hours to crochet, it was an easy pattern, and I enjoy the finished look so much!  I am planning on edging it in a picot stitch in a purple (girl) or blue (boy) as of FEB 17th.  That is right...we find out the gender on the 17th, and I am counting down the days.  

Here is my most recent belly shot.  I have popped over the past few days.  Sam, the other day, patted my stomach and said "Mommy, the baby is growing!"  
I smiled at his cute little face looking at me, and then at my stomach.

  I must say I am loving the belly pop, but I am not loving how my body feels in general.  I feel out of shape, un-limber, and in need of some exercise.  Of course the weather has been less than optimal for outdoor activites, and I am on high alert couch potato duty...BAD MIX! 

Even Bear is getting his stretch on...NOTE TO SELF: Get moving!

On a MUCH cuter note: Sam lost that wonky tooth yesterday.  I got home from work, adn picked him and Eben up at Julia's, and Julia calls to me " Come in Eben's room!"  I walk in and I see the 3 of them all sitting together on the side of Eben's bed, and Sam is smiling at me.  It took me a minute to notice his gap, it was a LONG day.  He giggled, and had BRAVELY pulled his own tooth out. I hugged him with all my might!


Seriously he is the cutest kid~right?

On another cute kid note: please click on the following link for a wonderful cause. 

Kelle Hampton is a tireless advocate for Down's Syndrome, and a FABULOUS blogger and AMAZING mother of two beautiful little girls. She inspires me with every word! 
For more on Kelle and her world click here.  

Support a great cause, and spread the word!


Anonymous said...

I love that planner! Just the front of it is worth the purchase!

Martha said...

Cute belly and cute boy!

I was looking at Kelle's blog and she and I have a mutual friend! (Of course, I've never met the mutual, Nadya, but she and I were in the same December 2009 MOMS group n Fertility Friend and we've kept in touch since!) Anyway...very moved by her blog!

Martha said...

(I meant 2008! Time flies!)

Heather said...

Sweet belly :)

I love winter skiing with the boys at this age, and it is neat to hear Jules' stories of you all going up. Hope you are getting lots of good mama rest.