Sunday, June 20, 2010

Teachers Gifts: Herbal Eye Packs

On a crafting kick I made a few herbal eye packs, thanks to Heathers awesome tutorial (found HERE).  I made one for Sam's Teacher, and Eben's Teacher as a thank you for making the boys first year of school so AMAZING! Thinking that they might need something to relax with after a LONG day with 20 or so Kindergartners, and also wanting them to have something to remember the boys by, I wanted to make 4 (one for each teacher, and one for each teachers aide), but unfortunately only had enough rice mixture for 2.

Rice and Lavender Epsom Salts (stolen from Mom...thanks!) Mixture

So I decided on making their teachers each one in the boys favorite colors.

Blue (Sam's) for his teacher, and Green (Eben's) for his teacher

Graduation is tomorrow, and I am going to be a mess...TEAR ALERT!

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Twig and Toadstool said...

Great idea...but I think I'm going to make one for me!!!
:) maureen