Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today I surprised the boys after they got off the bus.  I had their swimming trunks on the floor, and a beach bag all packed.  They were SUPER excited, and READY in no time!

We got our "BEACH", which is technically a "RIVER", but I digress.  When we arrived, and I had applied a dollop...(I LOVE THAT WORD) of sunscreen we noticed that the boys favorite cousin was there...JACK!!!!!!!

They ran off into the water, and emerged with perm-a-smile.  Jack then suggested that they go to the new dock! 

Off they ran.  Here are a few of their most fabulous jumps.  

I came fully equipped with my new "ANTI-AGE SPOT HAT".   I am a freckly girl in general, and have made every attempt lately to avoid the inevitable age spot future.

Then they saw some more kids they knew...Colin and Nina from school.  
Here they are debating who is going over to say hi first. 

After a while they got a bit cold, and shivery

So we sat on our beach sheet, and snacked on some gummies

and dug our feet in the sand

What a lovely day's end!


Martha said...

Look at that dock!!!

B said...

looks like fun

queen of string said...

That looks gorgeous thanks for sharing.

Elisa said...

Aw. Love it! What a great story! You are SO lucky to have a "beach". I wear wide rimmed hats too, keeping the sun off my face is a priority!

Betty Beguiles said...

What a gorgeous spot you live in! Beautiful!