Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Day

Well ladies, as my sister will contest, I have a SMATTERING of dishes, and silverware, many of which do not MATCH! Julia kindly bought my adorable last set at the thrift store, and I thank her so much for that, but today I came across some amazing bargains and I had to share.

I got home, tore into the house, and emptied out my old dishes to make way for my new babies!

I got out my knife to open the packages

Then stabbed into the MANY boxes, pouring out their delicious contents.

Then I stabbed into MYSELF~OUCH!

I got two 16 piece sets of Better Homes and Gardens dishes for $17.00 each set !!!!

Then I came across a 46 piece silverware set WITH a caddy to store them in for $19.00!!!!

I officially have a fabulous table setting for 8...count them 8 guests, if I ever have that many people over.  That being said, I am happy, it is a happy day!

P.S.  Don't forget to check out my swap...Monday is the cut off, so come on over!!!


B said...

beatiful set!

Julia said...

Oh Laura, they are so gorgeous....and SOOOOOOO you.

Congrats on the amazing scores.

I can't wait to use them for a big bowl of cereal.

Heather said...

OH were so right!
I am SO PROUD of you for taking the plunge in getting these new lovely finds!
When is the dinner party?! I'll bring what ever that you'd like me to!
Love, Momma

Heather said...

I ALMOST forgot.....I hope that your finger is okay and will be all better...very soon!
Love, Momma