Monday, February 23, 2009

Hmmmmm...why bother?

Above is a SMATTERING of my heels. I NEVER WEAR THEM, except for special occasions, and even then my feet feel like I have put them in torture devices! I love the look of heels, but never have the opportunity to wear them, and if I do, I feel like I walk like a bull in a china shop! So my question is...why bother having these if I can't wear/walk in them? My answer is because I LOVE THEM!!!


Nursie said...

I have lots of shoes I don't wear but keep them because I love them as well. I think it's part of being a girl.

Jenn said...

Hi you don't know me, but I have to comment.... I feel exactly like you. I love love the look of heels, always want to buy them, then I rarely wear them and when I do I just can't wait to take them off! Maybe you do eventualy get used to it? Maybe mine are so cheap and that's why they are so uncomfortable? But the are so pretty and I love my legs in them!

Val said...

Fabulous, dahling. I'm embarrassed to show the amount of clothes, shoes and accessories I have and never use. I have a problem. lol