Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to Get More Sales on ETSY...Take better pictures!

So, I am by far not an amazing photographer nor a model, but I have to share some secrets that might help anyone wondering how to get more sales on ETSY, etc. Below you will find some pointers, and some examples of what I am talking about.

Take Your Time, and Take Some Pride!

 So, we have all been there, just finished a project and so proud of what we have accomplished! Of course we want to immediately go right out and get a picture of it. Doesn't matter where we are, what time it is, we are taking a freaking picture and posting that mother! 

Example: My Autumn Hat right off the hook...9:17 at night.

Horrible right? Can't really see the colors, or the stitch work. Terrible lighting, and shadows galore.

If I used this picture for my listing I would not give my customers a good idea of what they are buying. It shows that I am not really serious enough to take the time to take a good quality photo of my product, so really what pride do I take in my other work in general. Bad first impression right?

Here is a picture I took the next morning of the same hat. See, you can see the colors, and stitches really well! Much better right? This pattern sold within 14 hours of being listed. Imagine how long the other one would have sat.

Lighting Is Everything!
 Go outside whenever possible, natural light is KEY!

Here is an example of the difference between the same item, our baby legs pattern

Side by side, inside LEFT, outside RIGHT

Crisper, cleaner and more accurate colors with the natural lighting!

Use a human model or invisible stuffing/forms whenever possible!
 I have a pet peeve, I have to say it...I hate to see products modeled on dolls. Unless they are made for dolls of course.
 I know I have offended some people with this, but it is just my opinion. 
 I know that not everyone has a baby to model their items on, but in my humble opinion, posing anything made for a human baby on  a doll is just creepy to me.

Ok, here is an example of our reversible hat pattern, stuffed with cotton to form the head like shape. You don't see the cotton, but it gives the look of how the hat would look on a head. RIGHT?   

Of course, whenever possible, USE A REAL BABY!

Here is the Hayden Beret, on our baby Hayden: Cute right, Imagine how unpleasant that would look on a glass, or a ball, or GASP...A doll! ;)

Make it real, show the customer the product in use!

Here is Hayden snuggling one of our Waldorf Baby Dolls

Here is my cowl pattern in various positions/pictures/lighting

 Clean Up The Back Ground of Your Pictures!

A clean white, wood, or subdued background makes your product shine! Stop putting your projects on your computer, on your cluttered couch, on anything with a logo. It distracts the buyer, and gives no appeal to your photo what so ever.

Nice white background for our bonnet pictures:

 Clean wood background for the Turtle Hat, a little off center for charm

  And another white background for the cocoon/pod

Show variety! Let them imagine the possibilities!!

 Here is the baby dolls again, this time in a variety of colors! Precious right?

Here are our booties in play! 

 And here are our adorable Wee Ones pattern!

Here is my crochet dress pattern

This picture shows the front, back, and two color combinations!

Last but not least,  Here are our Waldorf Dolls Pattern

Show the texture, show the love! 

Let them imagine how these things really look, feel, smell! Show all of the work you have put into things you make. Let them know what they are really buying!

Here is the Autumn Vest:
See the texture of the rows?

Here is the Uber Cute Earflap Knit Pattern

And here is my Cowl Pattern

 Thanks for reading my pointers~I hope they will help you obtain some sales, or at the least give you some ideas on how to enhance your business!  

All patterns found above can be found in our SHOP, and many many more!

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DangAndBlast! said...

If you're selling patterns, yes; for finished products (yes, I know, I'm risking the law by selling finished products...), I've had two people now tell me they wouldn't buy anything my baby has worn, even if just for photos. Some people are really uptight about things for babies (yes, they can be washed...but these people won't shop resale; my sister in law threw away all of her daughter's lovely, expensive, hardly-worn clothes because she didn't approve of someone else wearing them, even their upcoming baby!)...