Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sewing Bee...Handmade Babylegs!

Today~I took part in the Sewing Bee at Happiness Comes In Little Bits (see right).  I was itching to sew, and have had limited spare time lately, especially on Thursdays when the Bee is supposed to take place. Today I had some time, and decided to take advantage of it. 

What to make, what to make...that was the question.

Julia and I have added some new patterns to the shop recently, and frankly we needed to update some of our pictures. So, I decided to use our Muse Hayden, and whip up some of my Uber simple baby legs from the pattern in the shop! 

So, I found an old shirt, and got to work. 

Here is the finished product~he loves them. Anyone who knows this baby knows that he has an affinity for grabbing at his juicy thighs, and these were perfect because when they slid down a bit he quickly tugged them up again. NOTE: if you make this pattern~make sure that they are a bit snug to encourage them staying up the legs with all that baby movement! next time I will make them a bit tighter. Trial and error with an adjustable pattern right?


 Stop by the shop if you are interested in the tutorial!

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