Friday, January 6, 2012

To boil or not to boil bottles, etc if you are breastfeeding

So, I am exclusively nursing/pumping for Hayden. Honestly the last time I boiled his bottles, pumping equipment, nipples and pacifiers was when we had f-ing thrush this Summer.  I know that it is recommended, but I do not do it.  I boiled everything today because the pumping bottles had an orange hue to them from the dishwasher and a slew of tomato sauce in the same load.  

That being said, what do you mama's do???

Boil, or not Boil?

I mean come on...imagine if we had to sterilize our boobs?


Anonymous said...

I never sterilized. But I will say that they look cleaner without the orange hue.

Love love LOVE the pic of him.

And you. I love you.

Olivia said...

No, never sterilized past the first run when I would dig them from storage. I must admit the times I ever pumped & bottle fed my babes were few and far between though.

Love the nursing pic! <3

April said...

The only time I ever boiled was when I first got the bottles. We use bottles three days a week, and I only hand wash them with soap and water.

DangAndBlast! said...

1) it's my impression that the dishwasher sterilizes, if you have it on hot/heated dry. (It's all I use when not just handwashing.)

2) some poor girl in my lactation group thought she had to sterilize everything, and was wiping her breasts with alcohol wipes! Bad cracking...

3) as my husband the doctor says: baby's mouth isn't sterile, so relax! :)