Friday, January 27, 2012

Booties and a crawling babe

Julia and I literally have made 100's of booties from Julia's pattern, most of them for our shop.  But then we closed up shop, and I never thought about them again.

Then, today, I had a sudden urge to craft, to make something sewn, and to make it for Hayden.  He has what we refer to as "fat feet", and they tend to lose socks rather quickly.  So, I felt that it was high time that I make him some booties.  I have made him bibs, and pants, and burp cloths, but never the booties.  So I did...

By the way...I have NEVER seen these booties on a babes feet, that is right...NEVER!  They are way cuter on a baby than stuffed with tissue paper.

And he loves them!

Bootie pattern found here: Booties
Pants pattern found here: Pants

Here is a video of my little Army Crawler.  He turns 7 months on the 5th!  WOW~time is a' flyin'

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Megan said...

So cute! He is getting so big!