Wednesday, August 3, 2011

End of July 2011

Hayden and I had a photoshoot

My Sam wanted a BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ cut!  He is so handsome!

Hayden got familiar with his toys

And tried on some of our Shop items!

Bib and Pants

Julia's Bib Pattern

The Boys raced their Poppy

And had fun at the pool!

They even helped Poppy put together Sam's new bed set...this bunk bed set was the same one my dear dad made for Julia and I when we were little.  Full circle!

Hayden has been sleeping A LOT!

in various places...LOL

So did Sam...HEHEHEHE

Sam falls in love with his brother more every day~and it makes my heart sing!

If August is a quarter as nice as July has been we are in for a heavenly summer ending!


April said...

I can't believe July has come and gone, it's August already, you're little one has been born, and mine is only days away from joining us! Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that I had written a post about women's eggs and likelihood of pregnancy after 30 and feeling pressured to get going on baby making. And you commented that you felt a rush to get baby #2 underway, and now look at us? Both with beautiful babies (baby on the way). Congrats.

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The Awakened Heart said...

Oh my goodness, isn't he just beautiful. It makes me feel all clucky again - despite the fact that my 15 month old son is keeping me up ALL night with a whole lot of not sleeping. So very precious.