Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Chirstmas Eve to you, and Happy End of The First Trimester To Me

So, after 2 full days of work my NASTY habit of procrastinating with the best of them reared it's ugly head. Therefore Jay and I had an assembly line at 9:30 pm on Christmas Eve wrapping our precious Sam's presents! WHY NOT... sure I am NOT EXHAUSTED or anything.  Like I did not have over a month to do the wrapping after I bought the presents?  Sure Laura...WAITING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a transcript of the evening:
 A banter back of forth of Jay and I saying the same things over and over again.

"Here, wrap this... Give me the tape...Can I have the scissors NOW?...WHERE IS THE DAMN STOCKING?"

Finally all the presents are wrapped, and stacked beneath the tree.  Sam also kindly bought us some presents at a school shopping day (those are in the brown paper in the forefront of the photo). He was so adorable placing the bows on each gift for us. He is so excited!

The stocking was never found (boo hoo), so we boxed up his numerous stocking stuffers in one box, and wrapped it "From Santa".  We are sure we will have a happy, excited boy in the morning.

Today is also special because it marks the end of my first trimester with my little bundle!  I heard the heartbeat today for a full 5 minutes, and I think I could have made a soundtrack out of it.  MUSIC TO MY EARS!
Here is a 12 week belly picture of me tonight.  

Adorning me is an AMAZINGLY soft PJ set from my mama!  It is tradition to receive a pair of PJ's or a Nighty from my mom every Christmas Eve, a tradition she continues from one her mother started long ago.  Since she has passed Mom took the reigns, and has bought the boys jammies every year also. 
Did I mention she rocks?   P.S. Mom, if you read this...This pair is my favorite pair by far.  
PINK and FLUFFY!  In love!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours


B said...

Merry Christmas!

Elisa said...

Awesome belly pic! And I want those pj's!! Nothing beats soft fluffy pink pj's.