Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Something for my Pa and his 90th Birthday~

Last night I decided that I needed to make something for my Pa. He is turning 90 this month. My artsy sister is making him a beautiful painting, and I wanted to make him something also.

After a long, long, long look at Julias and my fabric stash, the proverbial "light bulb" went off. I wanted to do something useful, but meaningful at the same time. I decided to make something to represent his most favorite part of his 30 Acre property


He looks at this pond every day and worked very hard at designing, and making this pond everything he dreamed of. It is a playground for the kids, a fabulous bird bath for the ducks and the herons, and entertainment for my Pa. My sister thankfully posted some pictures a while back of this pond, and the fun that Pa observes from his window every summer day

Here is my spin on his Love...made with my love

Pas' Pond Pillow

Some of the wildlife we have seen at the pond

The inlet rock fountain he made with his own hands, in his eighties, and the water flowing over the rocks

The sandbar area, and some super cute little mushrooms

The various trees surrounding the pond

The water outlet, and the old tree submerged in the water where the boats get tethered

One of the boats (pirate ships, as he calls them) resting and waiting for the pollywog hunting, and pirate escapades to begin

Finally a cute little owl hanging from the sail which is representative of the inflatable parrot my Gram hangs from the pirate ship every year..
Because only Pirate ships are in the Caribbean you know~

Thanks for looking, and for the lovely comments from my readers, I really appreciate the love!


Laura said...

I switched off the intensedebate comments...sorry for all whose comments disappeared~ Laura

Feel free to comments the old way!

Christina said...

How great is that! So clever! I love it.

Heather said...

Laura, what a beautiful idea.
He WILL in fact, treasure this pillow like he treasures you....{as he well should} and all that you do for him.
Love, Momma