Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easy Veggie Planting From Seed...first time ever!

Today I planted Peas, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Peppers, and Broccoli from seed. I have always planted bulbs, and plants.  Never have I started from seed or veggies so this should be fun!  Here is a picture montage of our journey:

I heard Burpee Seeds are the Best...so I bought these ones to start.

I put the seeds in super cute little Dixie Cups and Solo Cups

I used MiracleGro Potting Mix in hopes that by some Miracle they will grow ;)

I then took pictures of the front and backs of all of the seed packets to keep on file in case I lose them.

Hayden had a blast watching!

See, big helper:

All set for labeling!

Easy clean up. Take the table cloth, ball it up, and flick it outside. Easy breezy!

Placed in a sunny windowsill box!

Hoping the veggies grow! Can't wait

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Honeybee GB said...

Very nice project. Looking forward to read more from you.