Friday, March 8, 2013

Instagram Purge End of 2012 - March 2013

 Hayden enjoys looking out of his window every morning
 Snuggles with his baby and his "ba"
 2012 First Year Playing Soccer! So Handsome!
 My Boys...up since 4 AM
 Julia and I at the Relay For Life 2012
 Hayden at the Relay for Life Cheering on our fellow walkers
 Snuggles with Auntie
 Hayden hangs like this in his sleep any chance he gets
 In the Vintage highchair that mom and dad got when the boys were babies
 Boy pile on at the park
 Hot after soccer. He is so cute!
 OMG...those bunnies!
 Bear waiting patiently for some droppings
 Poppy and Hayden on the see saw
 Playing hide and seek in an old box
 Nakedish frog baby
 Sporting my twinnie inspired scarf wrapping
 Removed the rugs from our dining room.  Ahhhhh...clean
 3D Glasses make me laugh!
 More hanging out
 Cleaned Sam's Room and got him a coat tree
 My three sleeping cherubs
 Fall Festival at the school 2012
 Waiting patiently at the pediatricians
 Reading is good!
 Sam's Apple Head Scarecrow. SMILE!
 Making Poppy proud
 My bubbas
 Caramel Corn for Halloween snacks
 Pretzels and cream cheese. YUUMMMYY!
 My bubble boy
 A fine looking Auntie outfit ;)
 Made a doll Hadley for a Hurricane Sandy family
 Ohhhhh how I love them
 Forts = Happy boys
 Sam and I made a model for his class.  OUT OF A CLOTHES PIN!
 My wonderful thankful boy wrote this lovely piece
 She loves him to pieces
 Donated Blood for the first time.  Not bad, SAVE SOME LIVES PEOPLE!
 Cut some fringe on a day off to hide my post pregnancy hair loss at the front of my face
 He loves him~safe and warm
 Yup. hopped right in the tub, diaper, shirt and all. This boys LOVES tubbies!
 Made some babies bodies for the shop
 More reading, big as cuffy!
 Christmas concert, he is prech!
 Brotherly snuggles. NOT posed
 My coffee cozy design
 A generous, love filled, wonderful Christmas it was!
 In their Christmas jammies 2012
 Hayden and I watching White Christmas together. Sam came in towards the end and loved it! I cried.  My favorite Holiday movie.
 Cut off my hair, just able to put it in a pony.
 Making a rubber band gun from a kit Auntie got him for Christmas
 A Lincoln Log Village from Oma and Poppy
 Bribery to eat new veggies.
 Making and labeling CPSIA labels for our baby goods
 He loves her. Did I already mention that?
 Wake up Sam! Can't you feel me sitting on your back?
 Still needs a sling on occasion.
 Picking buttons for my hats is a fun fun fun time!
 Little Piggies
 Bought a treadmill. Love it
 My newly made keychain fob
 Ehhhhhh, not a big eater. To say the least
 Likes his new suction bowl and booster seat though
 3rd Grade. Seriously? Heartthrob!
 Power outage. Lets embroider. They didn't hate it ;)
 Getting so big
 Cleaned Sam's DISGUSTING carpet. No food allowed ever again
 Love babies posture
 Yup, how he rolls
 Fell asleep on the couch watching bob pants
 My honey
 Julia and I used to do the same thing
 Found this under Hayden's bed, in a shoe. I had lost it for almost a year
 Love them to pieces
 He is a daredevil of climbing
 The Euge
 My Sam and I getting ready to ski Lookout Below for the first time! Just him and I
 Trying a new parting.  Not hating it
Hairy loves sleeping on Hayden
 A visit at work~love them!
 Hayden's went to his friends first birthday party
My fit boy!

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