Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sam Turns Eight!

It is amazing to me that 8 years can fly so quickly! AMAZING! He is such a wonderful little boy, and he is turning into an even better little man! I made him his cake (inspired by this cake on Pinterest below). I made it red and blue layers (4) and then frosted it, colored some of the frosting blue, and some red put it in a small ziplock bag and piped on the red in a spiral, took a needle, and drew the lines to make the web look. Then I doodled a spider in the blue and wrote out the letters! I loved the final product!

 I also made him 3 hacky sacks, or juggling balls.  Pattern found here:

Hayden loved them!

Here is Hayden playing with the Owl rattle I made him for his birthday last week. I never got a shot of  him with it

Here is Sam practicing with the sacks

Oma and Poppy got him a slip and slide! He and Eben can't wait!

Lovely Oma


My gorgeous sister helping him read his cards

We got him some devil sticks on amazon (specially made for kids 6-9) they are lighter and more manageable.

My heart

The yearly photoshoot! He gets cuter / more handsome every year!

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Heather said...

Oh my goodness, he is so handsome! What a special time you have had with both boys celebrating birthdays.