Sunday, March 11, 2012

Inspired by Gordon Ramsay

So, it is no secret:


This does not include his food, I am pretty sure my non-worldly palate would rebel.

So, as I was sitting watching Kitchen Nightmares the other morning, Gordon opened the walk in fridge of the restaurant he was currently featuring, only to find a DISGUSTING, HORRIFYING, MOLDY mess.  I gagged a little in my mouth just watching it ;)

So, then the wheels started turning, "Well, how long has it been since I cleaned out my own fridge? Hmmmmm, maybe a year, nope I would not have done it while I was pregnant, let's seeeeeeeeee, two years? WHAT! 2 years, WTF!!! 

I can only at this point imagine what Gordon's adorable face would have looked like if he heard that. 

OH MY GOD! You have got to be F$%&ing kidding me!

So I got off my duff, and set to work. Sam was at school, and Hayden was all hands on deck!

So we hoed it out...took everything, including the grates and drawers, food, and condiments out and I put them on the floor.

Hayden enjoyed the lemon especially.  Ohhhhh, and the leftover frosting tub.

Then I scrubbed, and scraped, and sprayed, and cleaned it out. It shown like a new penny I tell you! My little fridgy is 8 years old~like new right?

Oh, yeah, see that bungee cord? Our door shelf thingy broke a few years ago, and my father in law had used one of these one their fridge. Works like a charm!

Stocked and loaded!!!

So thank you Gordon, thank you for inspiring my fridge makeover.

Now for my boys

Sam and Eben have been adorable in the tub with their pretend beards, is there anything cuter?

 My little creeper is getting into lots of fun places! Like under chairs, aren't chairs fun?

Now, Hayden turned 8 months old on the 5th. had to take some alone shots. Love him so!

Thanks for reading today...NOW GO CHECK OUT YOUR FRIDGE! ;)

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Dree said...

This made me laugh! I had a boy home sick 2 weeks ago, and my project one of those days was cleaning every.last.bit of my fridge! I even figured out how to get out a shelf that I thought was not removable.

Doesn't it feel good when it's done?

Then last week I resealed my linoleum kitchen floor and 1 of the bathrooms. It's not tons of work, but involves a good hour plus of drying time. Which means no boys can be home, and the cats must be trapped in one side of the house.

This week--sealing the other bathroom (where cats were trapped last time lol), the pantry.