Friday, February 24, 2012

Well then...

So, as I was perusing my blog, seeing if it was truly a real representation of myself and our life (after being inspired by this post), which I do believe it does, I realized that most of my recent posts have been about our shop, or patterns, etc.  
So with that being is an actual blog post, not containing shop propaganda ;)
Here is a SMATTERING of our past 2 months.

I have noticed how similar these gentleman are beginning to look!

I traded in my Elantra for a Mazda 5...a mini-mini van. AND I AM IN LOVE!

I still admire how the bond between these two seems to grow by the hour.

Have enjoyed hearing the squeals, and babbles from a certain almost 8 month old!

Enjoy post snack snuggles, even if my arm begins to fall asleep, and my shoulder is killing me, WELL WORTH IT!

Hating how my eldest lad is not wanting me to take his picture anymore, and how I have much fewer photos of Sam than Hayden since now I have to make a stealth photo attack! I have been remiss, and note to self: Take more Sam pics!

Hayden has been enjoying his big brothers hand-me-downs, and mama is so glad I kept a few things!

Hayden and Jay bond over some tunes!

My beautiful mama sure knows how to snuggle babies!

Hayden enjoys his drug of choice...FLEECE!

My little Piano Man (thanks to Auntie for her thrifted toy purchases!)

A touque I whipped up for my favorite sissy!  

My boys...need I say more! Hayden enjoyed his first taste of "Puckeys", as Eben used to call them!

Thanks for visiting me here, and for reading about our life.  

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Olivia said...

Laura, your boys are so handsome! I love the photo of your husband and Hayden listening to music. Adorable!