Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sewing Bee Week 3!

Today, I am again taking part in Julia's Sewing Bee!  I encourage you all to pop over to her site and join in!

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Every Thursday…

Like minded chicas…the sharing of patterns and progress of sewing.
To inspire ourselves to keep stitching.
What could be better than that?


  Today I decided to whip up some PRECIOUS sewn baby pants for Charlie.  Sized 0-3 and 3-6 months (2 of each)

I cut out 4 pairs 

(well 5, but one I screwed up the pattern on...DRAT!)

Sewed up each pair (took about 8-10 minutes each pair...I SWEAR)!

Made sure they matched up to their original size template

Then I swear...I just sat and ooohhhhh'ed at my new little pants, and pictured Charlie wiggling around in them.  I am so glad I know how to sew for this baby!

This pattern is the brain child of my sister Julia from 1 year ago She used to make the CUTEST pants that we sold in our shop.  

We have reached over 200 sales, that is right...200 sales! in our Etsy Shop

Adirondack Patterns

We have decided to put the pants tutorial in the shop  to celebrate!
Check it out~happy sewing ladies!


Ella says Ola!

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Elisa said...

Oh...I LOVE the pants! Great job! Did you use stretchy cotton fabric for one pair? I've always been a bit afraid to sew with that fabric. Your cat is so pretty!