Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There is a bun in my oven!

It is very very very early, but I am pregnant with our second babe, due July 10th 2011!

(I have taken 6 tests so far) LOL

I made the little one a little unisex sweater vest.
I have to stay ahead of the crafting curve that Julia is already crafting for this little one! SHE ROCKS!

Seriously, look how tiny!

I am soooooo excited!!!!!!!!
Can you hear my squeals?


reneé said...


Olivia said...

Congratulations to you and your growing family, Laura!

I am currently in my 19th week of pregnancy and we are super excited to welcome our new little one as well!

Take care!

sweetaimee said...

congrats very exciting :)

One Blonde Girl said...

Congratulations! Wasn't it you, who just a little shy of a year ago, was commenting on having to get kir-racking on that second child? Yay for you!

B said...

yay!!!! I am shooting for 7/7 because that is the best day in July

Elisa said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Congratulations!!! I can never keep my mouth shut either when I'm pregnant...it's too exciting!! I'm SO happy for you! Best wishes for a healthy & pleasant pregnancy! =)

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations and a big hug! What exciting news. And the vest is just too cute.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Megan said...

Um can you hear my squeals??? hahhaha

I'm praying for a girl -- so Sam and Eben can have a lil sweetie to spoil / protect when they get older. But a healthy baby will be just fine :)

ps I just emailed you

Faeryfay said...


Katie said...


How many days were you when you got that FAINT postitive. I'm so afraid to test and get a false negative!

Amy Caroline said...

Congratulations!!! What a blessing and that vest? To die for!!!!
Bless you and your baby during your pregnancy!

Lisa said...

Yeah & congrats! I just had my 2nd little cutie pie and it's great!

Angela said...

congrats!! I find out soon if I got my BFP. I'll be due July 13 if all goes well. Happy and Healthy 9 months!!

nocton4 said...

wonderful news .. lots of love xx

Heather said...

Laura...I KNEW,down deep in my soul that there was a reason for not writing.... "To Sam and Eben" in the book collection that I had started for them many Moons ago....instead I always wrote...."To OUR wonderful Grandchildren" ;):)
Go with the gut feelings,right?
Your Dad and I are OVER the Moon with happiness about you,Jay and of course big brother... Sam.... having another baby.
Love, Mom and Dad