Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A summer bag!

The other day I was making a hat for my boy. I was with my Gram and Pa at a doctors appointment, and did not have my hat pattern with me.  As I was working the hat it became clearly apparent that it was not curling as my other hats had done, and I knew something was not right.  

So, in the spirit of improvisation, I decided to work with what I had and make a cute summer bag instead. 

I started with the round (hat) I had already made, about 8 inches in diameter.

Then I did a shell stitch in the next round.  I then did a row of half double crochet, and then did a picot stitch of a chain of 6 every 2 stitches, and did picot stitch for every round after that until the bag was at my desired length. 

I then finished off, and made a long chain of about a BILLION chains, give of take, just kidding, but I made it long enough to enable the strap to be doubled up on two straps. 

I then weaved it through the top row of the bag, and attached each end to the bottom of the bag at the edge of the center circle directly below where the exit points at the top.  Voila...  Confusing, but if you work it, it will make sense...I promise!

Then I stuffed it with all my goodies, and I am ready for the day

Please Note: my super cute wallet on top...bought from the lovely Vintage Fern at Etsy!

Have a great day everyone!


B said...

amazing you have such a talent. I am glad to see just because you guys closed up shop, doesn't mean you are wasting your creativity.

Julia said...

Honestly, I just love it. And it is comfortable ( I tried it on in the locker room.)

I can't believe what a quick crocheter you are.

Love you.