Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby got a new pair of shoes

I found a pair of Dansko clogs that personifies me to a T!
I bought them on the spot!!!!

One might say that I have a bit of a fascination with paisley prints and the likes.
Oh and reds and browns and greens

For example:

My couch

My Bag

My cape fabric

My shower curtain

I am thoroughly in love and thanks for reading!


Heather said...

Those are great shoes! Paisley is so much fun, especially at this tine of year. Hope they are as much fun to wear as they look :)

Julia said...

You are too funny. I took a few shots of my shoes last night too.

I am in "LOVED".

PS, You are to paisley, what I am to blue grey.

Love these pictures.

B said...

they are totally you. Sue accused a nursing student yesterday of stealing yours because she had the same ones. lol they are beautiful

Heather said...

They are SOOOO definitely YOU! I LOVE THEM!