Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Desperate times call for desperate measures:

As I am writing this, I am hoping that some of you who have school age, or almost school age children have been where I am right now...
in school. The boys are very smart, loving, good boys, but they are by no means an expert when it comes to letter recognition and, as they are now called, "site words". I feel that we have lost all of the ground over the summer that the boys gained while they were under the pleasant, patient, eye of Mrs. Beglin (Pre K teacher extra-ordinaire). So having purged this confession and then realizing that there is less than a month left till the first day of Kindergarten (GASP), I decided to make the following videos. I have tried passing flash cards, that I have made, with letters on them to Julia, to quiz the boys on, time and time again, but they always get lost in the bottom of a bag, or trashed, etc. So I decided to make it fool proof, and uniform. The same explanations, the same cards, and the same system. All WE have to do is go to my youtube channel and click on each of the 3 videos below, and do this 2 times EVERY DAY day and I WILL FEEL BETTER!!!!! The boys are already gaining ground, and it feels awesome!!!!
I can almost see their brains growing~ LOL.

So without further a'do...

Lala's Letter Lesson

Lala's Letter Quiz

Pre K-Kindergarten Site Words

My goal is to prepare them for anything they throw them, so hopefully they will feel confident on the first day of school! I want everyone to think they are as wonderful as I do!
One small step for me, one HUGE STEP FOR THE BOYS!!!


B said...

they are going to be wonderful, but I understand your worry!

Heather said...

Don't fret....we're ALLL here to help. They are wonderful,kind,loving smart boys....they'll be just fine.
Love Momma and Dad