Friday, July 24, 2009

How Lovely!!!!

Today at the farmers market while we were having a lull in customers at our own booth I received a phone call from the mechanic where I had dropped Jay's car off this morning to have some brake work done.

Here is my end of the conversation:
The car is done already? Great!
How much is the bill for?

So now with my new found windfall I decided to buy some plants from a guy across from our booth. Let me just preface the following pictures by saying that in the 5 years since we built our house I have never planted flowers. I have though: strewn seed mixes, planted hanging baskets, and bulbs, none of which every truly flourished. So having said this I am not to optimistic about my newest acquisitions, but I am hopeful. I bought 10 of the HARDIEST perennials he sold. I am giving one that has 3 Lily blooms to my mother since she mentioned liking the ground cover from them. I planted the rest and here is a smattering of the likes:

The finished project:
My very modest garden, to compliment my very modest house
These little lovelies are adjacent to my "garden" and are just about to turn into the juiciest, plumpest black raspberries. MMMMMM!
To end my day I decided to take a trip down this:
and across this:
to pillage the HOLY GRAIL of BLUEBERRIES!!!
Hope you all had a lovely day! Tell me of your landscaping or lack thereof!


B said...

very jealous of the blueberries. Something crazy is that we actually have plums growing on our plum trees 4 years here and never had any grow. Must be all the rain. miss you hope I see you at work tom

Nurse Patty said...

you look gorgeous as ever Laura!!!

Anonymous said...

These are the prettiest pictures you have ever taken.

Love them all.

I still don't think that Fran believes that those blueberries were wild.

Love the new layout...very summery and pretty.

Phlox is a fave of mine.

Love you

Heather said...

VERY beau~ful! These pictures are gorgeous! I love your new lay outs! Of both....this site and your house and yard sites!

Christina said...

If we lived by a Holy Grail of blueberries, Brice would be making a beeline for it everyday! That kid loves his blueberries. It's always the first spot he heads for at my moms house. My yard is sorely lacking in landscaping, something I began working on last year but is on hold for this year...maybe next summer...