Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hell to the yeah...

I am on a single handedly bring back the Fanny Pack! here I am at our Craft Booth at the Keene Adirondack Farmers Market today ROCKING the fanny pack. A wonderful borrowed piece from my gram, and the idea from my savvy mother...I am in love!

Some prefer the cash box, tupperware, envelopes, wallets, etc. But not me! I prefer old Fanny

What it lacks in fashion, it makes up for with handiness, comfortableness, and size!!!
I used it to hold the money for our booth!

Those who laugh have not experienced its convenience! Mock me if you will, but I intend on having Fanny on me for many more markets to come!!!


Martha said...

And it will be filled with money, of course!

B said...

I am sure you could have a lengthy discussion with Maryanne about the convinience of a fanny pack.

Heather said...

You looked HOT and adorable as yousherall! GOOD LUCK to you and Julia and your endeavors.
Love You....Momma