Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My Momma...Happy Birthday!

I can't think of a birthday gone by when I spent the entire day with just my mom! Today is a celebration of the day she was born to my wonderful grandmother! She is the best, and I love her sooooooo much! Jules was kind enough to watch the boys today so I could go with mom for a procedure today, which she didn't want to schedule on her birthday, but did so one of us could go with her. I had a wonderful day chatting, laughing, reminiscing, etc. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I am so glad that you were born!!! Love,

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Heather said...

Thank you Sweetie. I'm glad that I was born to such a sweet,wonderful Mother and lady.{And a wonderful Dad}. You are ONE OF THE BEST daughter's that... anyone in the World would love to have. I had a great day as well.
Sleep well.
Love, Momma